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Kinderfeld cover
Song by Marilyn Manson
Album Antichrist Superstar
Released October 8, 1996
Recorded 1996 at Nothing Studios in New Orleans, Louisiana
Genre Industrial rock, Alternative rock
Length 4:51
Label Nothing, Interscope
Writer Marilyn Manson
Composer Twiggy Ramirez, Madonna Wayne Gacy
Producer Marilyn Manson, Sean Beavan

"Kinderfeld" is the eleventh track on the 1996 release Antichrist Superstar. Its lyrics were inspired by Manson's discovery as a child that his grandfather would masturbate in his basement while his toy train set would be running ("When he turns the trains on he unties all of the strings").

In the album booklet, the lyrics are strangely indented, while all other songs lyrics are typed in a typical fashion.





   he lives inside my mouth
   and tells me what to say
   when he turns the trains
                     on he makes it go away
                     the hands are cracked and dirty and
                the nails are beetle wings
   when he turns the trains on he
   unties all of the strings
     the worm: "tell me something beautiful,
               tell me something free,
               tell me something beautiful
               and I wish that I could be."
   (then I got my wings and I never even knew it,
   when I was a worm, thought I couldn't get through it)
    jack: (not spoken) come, come
   the toys all smell like children
   and scab-knees will obey
   i'll have to kneel on broomsticks
   just to make it go away.
     [the inauguration of the worm]
   (then I got my wings and I never even knew it,
   when I was a worm, thought I couldn't get through it)
   a voice we have not yet heard: "because today
   is black/because there is no turning back.
   because your lies have watered me/I have become the
   strongest weed" weed...
     through jack's eyes:
   the taste of metal
        three holes upon the leather belt
        it's cut and swollen
        and the age is showing
   boy: "There's no one here to save ourself."
   the disintegrator: (to himself)
   this is what you should fear
   you are what you should fear


  • The Jack mentioned in "Kinderfeld" refers to Manson's grandfather, Jack Warner.
  • The lyrics "This is what you should fear/You are what you should fear" also appear in "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes".
  • It is one of the few songs to be written in and recorded using the Eb Standard guitar tuning.
  • During live performances, Manson plays a pan flute.
  • The song features a passage containing the same lyrics as heard in "Wormboy": "then I got my wings and I never knew it/when I was the worm, thought I wouldn't get through it..."
  • Chris Vrenna played live drums on "Kinderfeld".
  • The title "Kinderfeld" likely refers to the American Kinderfeld in Frankfurt, a cemetery where many stillborn infants were buried.