Jack Warner

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Jack Warner
Jack Warner - taken from The Long Hard Road Out of Hell
Jack Warner - taken from The Long Hard Road Out of Hell
Background information
Birth name Jack Warner
Born 1919(Confirm)
Died 1993(Confirm)

Jack Angus Warner is the grandfather of Brian Warner, who would later become Marilyn Manson. He and his wife Beatrice Warner, were the parents of Hugh Warner, Brian Warner's father.

Grandfather's Cellar[edit]

"Hell to me was my grandfather's cellar" — Manson begins his autobiography The Long Hard Road Out of Hell with these words, and continues to explain what was so horrible about that cellar.

"It stank like a public toilet, and was just as filthy. The dark concrete floor was littered with empty beer cans and everything was coated with a film of grease that probably hadn't been wiped since my father was a boy. Accessible only by rickety wooden stairs fixed to a rough stone wall, the cellar was off-limits to everybody except my grandfather. This was his world"



  • Jack Warner had a surgical sanctioned hole cut into his neck to allow easier breathing, which is mainly due from years of smoking.
  • Many of his sexual fetishes involved bestiality, BDSM and standard pornography.
  • Jack was the inspiration for the song "Kinderfeld" and its earlier version "Smells Like Children".