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Beat Up Your Mom Music was an imprint used by Marilyn Manson prior to signing with Interscope Records in 1993. It was not a genuine record label, however its name appeared in the liner notes of all cassettes released by the band between 1989 and 1993, bar Live as Hell. The first two cassettes bearing the Beat Up Your Mom Music imprint were recordings of studio rehearsals, were not available to the public, and were pressed in extremely limited quantities. The group's third cassette, Big Black Bus, was their first release to be sold directly to the public. Contests were known to be held for free copies of ensuing cassettes such as Grist-o-Line. All Beat Up Your Mom Music releases sported photocopied liner notes, except 1991's Lunchbox, which was printed in color. An additional cassette, Thrift, was recorded by the band between After School Special and The Family Jams, but was not released. Had Thrift not been shelved, it too would likely have carried the Beat Up Your Mom Music imprint.