The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat

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The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat
The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat cover
Demo album by Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids
Released May 1990
Recorded January–May 1990
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal
Length 32:26
Label Beat Up Your Mom Music
Producer Frank Falestra
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Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids chronology
The Raw Boned Psalms
The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat
Big Black Bus

The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat is the second cassette by Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids. Only a few copies were ever made, and the cassette was never sold; it was given away for promotional purposes.

This tape has been the cause for much speculation over the years. Daisy Berkowitz has said on several occasions that Big Black Bus was the first official Marilyn Manson & Spooky Kids cassette, further fueling the mystery behind The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat's conception. In early 1990, only a couple of months after the founding of Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids, Daisy Berkowitz and Marilyn Manson entered the studio with producer Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra to record a batch of demos. Two of the tracks ("White Knuckles" and "Strange Same Dogma") would see future release on an industrial compilation put together by Falestra titled The Funnel Zone. These two tracks as well as six others would also be put together on a tape along with their first radio interview with DJ Scott David, dubbed The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat. Only a handful of copies were made, and they were released only to friends of the band, and to club owners for the purpose of booking shows.

Side A featured tracks speculated to be re-recordings of tracks from The Raw Boned Psalms, as it was common for Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids to include re-recordings on the follow-up tapes. Side B contains a radio interview of the band conducted by Scott David in March 1990 for WKXP 88.5.


Like most early Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids recordings, The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat came in a cassette case with photocopied sleeve artwork. The interior of the fold-out insert featured an altered photograph of Charles Manson with the body of a woman, surrounded by 1960s-style clip art: flowers, butterflies, praying hands, the American flag, etc. The front cover featured clip art handguns arranged to resemble a butterfly.

Track listing[edit]

Side A:

  1. "White Knuckles" 2:16
  2. "Red (in My) Head" 4:31
  3. "My Monkey" 4:46
  4. "Strange Same Dogma" 3:54
  5. "Son of Man" 4:47
  6. "Junk the Magic Dragon" (Unlisted) 4:58
  7. "The Telephone" (Unlisted) 4:49
  8. "I.V.-T.V." 4:15

Side B:

  1. Scott David Interviews Marilyn Manson (Unlisted)

Album credits[edit]

HELLo from the gutters of Fort LauderHELL that are filled with
piss, shale urine and broken toys. HELLo from the clogged
arteries of your abyssmal heart. "We" have come to "see"
multiply like the tiny cockroaches in your closets; a bead
alone can watch, a beaded necklace can strangle. The voice
called: "Rise up Son of Man," and I came. The voice said to
"gather." I did. You are here; the voice had known.
With a purposeful grimace and a knife in hand we will spread
our dogma across the land. Pen pierces paper in
blood and maggots crawl through thin veins. OPPression
from worry-fucks and sycophants only makes "The We"
grow. Father above delivers sex, son below saturates our
brains with chemical salvation. To complete the "trinity" our
holy spirit must make the "word" be known to even the small-
est of ears (in the hills and in the mountains.). That is "our and
your" part.
For now, it has been "discovered" and in turn you WILL feel
"our" strength. Accept the acid eucharist as our taste of things
to come and kneel to the wet, obscene god. Your scabbed
knees tell no lies...

Love and I am,
Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson- VOCALS
Daisy Berkowitz- GUITAR
Olivia Newton Bundy- BASS
Zsa Zsa Speck- KEYBOARD

Special Thanks to Scott David

©1990 Beat Up Your Mom Music

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  • The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat was considered a "phantom" release, with even Daisy Berkowitz claiming in a 1999 interview not to recognize its title. In 1997 an original cassette copy, owned by Miami's alternative club DJ Hypno5ive — the first copy discovered to exist — was sold in an online auction. It was purchased by an anonymous collector in Japan for $400.
  • Three different versions/covers of The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat exist.