Monkey Man

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"Monkey Man"
Monkey Man cover
Song by The Rolling Stones
Album Let It Bleed
Released 1969
Performed 1995, 2000-2001
Genre Spoken
Writer Jagger–Richards

"Monkey Man" was performed live by Marilyn Manson as a spoken intro/outro to/from "My Monkey" during the Smells Like Children tour in 1995 and Guns, God and Government tour in 2000-2001. The song was originally performed by the Rolling Stones in 1969.


  • "Monkey Man" (Live) (Outro from "My Monkey")
  • "Monkey Man" (Live) (Intro to "My Monkey")


    Am I too messianic
    Or a trifle bit too satanic?


A spoken outro from "My Monkey" with "Strawberry Fields Forever" samples (Live in San Francisco, 1995)
A spoken intro to "My Monkey" and "Lunchbox" (Live in Milan, 2001)