Frank Falestra

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Frank Falestra

Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra is a transgressive guitarist, bassist and audio engineer who was a founding member in numerous psych, noise music, and performance art rock bands of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. He assisted Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids in recording their early demo cassettes.

In the early 1980s Falestra co-founded a recording studio in North Miami Beach, Florida which existed under different names and locations for nearly twenty years. He currently runs his own studio in the South Beach section of Miami Beach, Florida. Among his most famous studio credits are recording Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids demo cassette The Beaver Meat Cleaver Beat, and serving as second engineer and studio coordinator on their 1991 cassette After School Special.

Falestra also made a compilation of tracks by bands based in/around Miami, Florida, around the early 1990's, known as The Funnel Zone.