Warhol T-shirt

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Warhol T-shirt

This is the "Lest We Forget" era T-shirt depicting Marilyn Manson in the same likeness as namesake Marilyn Monroe was portrayed in Andy Warhol's famous painting of her.

As the admin of the Andywarholmarilynmonroe.net Wordpress blog (unrelated) states of Andy's famous painting and "pop-art" style:

"Andy was both obsessed and troubled by Marilyn in very subtle ways. He admired her beauty but also found the life of celebrities to be full of dilemmas. He could sense the alienation that Marilyn felt during her last years and tried to convey his feelings in Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe paintings. Andy mostly worked from his studio, which is called The Factory. Though Andy put on canvas many other celebrities, Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe prints are what he is most famous for. Tourists from far off places come to see his exhibits in his museum, which is one of it’s kind, showcasing the talent of a great artist and housing more than 4000 artworks of this great artist."

Greater comparisons to Andy Warhol and Warhol's philosophy of pop-art can be attributed to Marilyn Manson's engagement in other artistic mediums (as well as the allusions to cinema in the lyrics of the epic The High End of Low track I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies). This can further relate to Manson's Celebritarian Corporation and the ways in which Manson's paintings brought him further into the cultural zeitgeist (including a portrait he made for Angelina Jolie).