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The Heirophant's Demise[edit]

I think it would be misleading to a fan who didn't know what happened at MansonUSA to come across this page and think "Why did it disappear if it was such a great site?" when the reason is apparent. From what I've gathered, and I believe this is correct. Manson didn't like the attitude of the Administrators/Moderators of the site, The constant criticism and complete and utter disregard for any form of respect for either Manson or his fans. I believe he asked Filicide to get rid of the moderators such as Sixpastsix & Profane which Alex refused. So Manson forced Alex to take the site down, Legal papers were served after filing for copy right infringement for the use of Manson's imagery, sounds, et cetera (which technically any fansite does, though it's never really pressed or looked upon, however this gave Manson the fire power to shut down the site). I find it humorous that Manson was using Myspace updates such as "My fist- The front of the face or back of the head, you decide" in the days leading up to the destruction of the Phant.

[god]speed 09:51, 28 February 2010 (UTC)

The Heirophant soft copy[edit]

does anyone have a local copy of (without the message board) downloaded with tools like wget and so on? (scarshock (talk) 15:07, 10 April 2014 (CEST))