News:2014/04/09 Marilyn Manson Plots New Song - Season 7 Sons of Anarchy Appearance

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Marilyn Manson Plots New Song - Season 7 Sons of Anarchy Appearance[edit]

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According to a tweet by Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, Marilyn Manson will not only be lending a song to the show’s seventh season, he’ll also be making a guest appearance.[1][2]

Sutter, having mentioned earlier this year Manson would be contributing new music to the TV show, revealed in a new tweet he was listening to a new Manson song, describing it as 'potent. creepy. cool.' Other comments were to "Look for him in season 7. He’ll be the guy riding the dragon." Riding the dragon is urban slang for getting high using heroin, usually for the first time.[3]

Appearing on the "Sons of Anarchy" would be the latest in a string of TV appearances for Manson after guesting on such shows as HBO’s "Eastbound & Down", lending his voice to The Shadow on ABC’s "Once Upon a Time" and appearing as himself in Showtime’s "Californication." Movie roles include David Lynch’s "Lost Highway," "Jawbreaker", and "Party Monster".

"Sons of Anarchy" is on FX networks.


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