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...serious situation I want to talk about. In all the things that I’ve done, obviously any of us, especially me could have been Damian Echols, but he’s on death row in Arkansas for a crime he did not commit. Mostly because he dressed like we do, listened to music like we do, and acted like we do. And I think he’s felt what we all feel now, what we’ve always felt and kind of stayed out of, you know I’ve always been a big supporter of the cause. But I chose a long time ago not to be involved because I thought I would add to the problem, but now I think it’s an important time to stand up and be part of the problem for me. This is a person who was singled out in a small town in Arkansas with his friends Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelly and subjected to the basic Salem Witch Trial that everyone talks about. Their prosecution resulted in him being sentenced to death without any sort of evidence just basically prosecuted on the way he looks, the way we look, the way that we all feel. So for sixteen years, these guys who were teenagers at the time of their trial, things that we can’t imagine that they’ve gone through for one minute. You know they stopped being a regular life and started being criminals when they weren’t. It’s kind of come down to this, it’s basic, people have always prosecuted everyone like us, me, I’m not going to try to compare myself to Damian Echols. Although I wish that I had the strength that this guy had, because he’s gone to trial and gone to prison for just looking and thinking the things he did, and that’s pretty much what all of us as a music community believe in and what we need to finally get behind. So I’m standing up today to say lets all get behind the West Memphis 3 and fix it. And that’s all I’ve go to say, lets fix this shit.


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