Interview:1999/01/23 Big Day Out

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Channel V, Sydney Australia Marilyn Manson's Big Day Out Interview
By Jabba
Friend of Fred Nile, foe of Courtney Love. Who would have thought? But nothing is usual about Marilyn Manson, except the fact that he is, er, unusual. Read what happened when Jabba chummed up with MM at Sydney's Big Day Out, 23 January 1999.

Jabba: Scoop de exclusive. Jabbatron here at the Big Day Out, joined by none other than Marilyn Manson, lead singer of the band Marilyn Manson.
Marilyn Manson: How you doin'?
Jabba: I'm good. Yourself?
Marilyn Manson: Wet. I've been sitting in the rain.
Jabba: You're wet? Stop spitting rain! Could it be God? Could it be Fred Nile?
Marilyn Manson: It could be Fred Nile ejaculating on me. He's got a sexual thing for me. I think it's mostly because he is jealous. He wants to have his name in the paper as much as mine. Next thing you know he'll be wearing lipstick.
Jabba: That would be great if you turned him onto lipstick, cos Fred is kind of really quiet until someone as exciting as you comes along. He's like "Wow! Another opportunity to tell people how the world is very evil."
Marilyn Manson: I think he should have picked on Courtney though.
Jabba: Yeah, why is that?
Marilyn Manson: I'm bigger than Satan. Courtney is like…
Jabba: Courtney is Satan.
Marilyn Manson: I think so, yeah
Jabba: Do your fans bring strange things to gigs?
Marilyn Manson: Mostly prosthetic limbs cos I collect those. A few times some kind gentleman would give me his legs, then he would have to hop home. I got an arm also.
Jabba: Do you think you might ever need them? Is that why you keep them?
Marilyn Manson: I've just always been fascinated with medical things. As a kid I was always sick.
Jabba: Because this album 'Mechanical Animals' is full of medical terminology… the stages of coma. What is this back of the CD with the medical chart there?
Marilyn Manson: Well, this is kind of my world, that I created, that I saw in my head. It has a lot to do with what I saw around me in Hollywood. So, it's a lot of analysing with the different elements of fame, with drugs, and just looking at them in different ways.
Jabba: When did you come up with that line "I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me"?
Marilyn Manson: All the time people would say to me "Hey, do you like these drugs?" and I would say no and then the drugs would say (talking with hand in a cutesy voice) "But we like you. We love you." And I would say 'No, please.' Cos there was a war on drugs but I surrender.
Jabba: You've surrendered??? What does surrendering entail?
Marilyn Manson: What I've discovered the other night when I was at Fred Nile's house... He was having a sermon with me and he said "Marilyn Manson, it's ok because Jesus Christ invented marijuana" and I said "Really?" He said Jesus Christ invented cocaine and LSD also. I said "You know what, you're right because if we're in God's world then God invented drugs and if Jesus Christ can do drugs then why can't we?" Then Fred said "You're right" and I can't speak about what happened after that. Sexual nature.
Jabba: Should we ring Fred?
Marilyn Manson: Yeah, you should ask him.
Jabba: Aw! Fred, if you're watching, please come on the show! Please come on the show! We will tell your side of the story very fairly, let me tell you …Was Fred covered in luncheon meat at any stage? Have you ever covered a fan in luncheon meat and pissed on them?
Marilyn Manson: A deaf girl.
Jabba: A deaf girl?
Marilyn Manson: Well, I don't like to discriminate. I like to keep it fair. I'm not gonna not exploit a deaf person, because deaf people want to be exploited as much as a person that can hear, and she enjoyed it just as much as anyone else would. It was mostly ham.
Jabba: Now, there's so much talk in Australia that Marilyn Manson is so shocking. What would it take today to shock you?
Marilyn Manson: I don't think I'm shocking at all. I think what I do is just entertaining. It brings a little excitement to the world of rock'n'roll. I think what shocks me mostly is Courtney's panty line, cos I've heard from several very reliable sources that it may go up as far as this (indicates just below breast level)… I went to the zoo yesterday…
Jabba: Taronga Zoo?
Marilyn Manson: Yes, and I saw a gorilla eat his own feces. He was sitting on a rope and just pulling it out of his ass and putting it back in his mouth…

At this point the lizard Marilyn was fondling jumped out of his hands, and our guest looked so forlorn that we had to stop the interview.