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NME Marilyn Manson Interview
NME Oct 97.jpg
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date October 1997
Source NME Magazine

Material World - Ushering us into his little shop of horrors, the dark lord of metal discusses lunchboxes, lipstick, false limbs...and killing Hanson.[edit]

NME: When did you last go to church?

Marilyn Manson:The last time I was in a church was actually in Spain when I decided to visit the Gaudi Church. Which I must admit was more of a surreal than a religious experience. But the architecture was very fascinating for me.

Are you romantic?

I think I am. In a strange way. Probably not in the same way that other people are. Not in conventional terms at least, but I like to do interesting things for people I'm attracted to, I guess. I try to take them to interesting places. But I guess it would be more like something you would read in a horror novel than a romance novel.

When did you last break the law?

Well, I think it's still against the law in just about every state in America to perform sodomy, which includes oral sex as well. So I guess it was last night.

When were you most terrified?

During the very same act, last night.

Tell us a joke.

Um..let me see. I'm sure I must have heard some good ones recently. Can I come back to you on that one?

What's the most embarrassing item of clothing that you've ever owned?

My parents bought me a suit from the Sears catalogue and it was covered with the autographs of each member of Kiss, and it had the Kiss logo all over it. So I guess it was what you might call a Kiss dress suit. And I once tried to wear it to church, but they didn't like it very much. This was probably when I was 12.

When was the last time you cried?

It's hard to say. I think every time I hear certain songs on our record it makes me upset in a number of ways. But it's probably been about a month or so since that last occurred.

What's the closest you've ever been to death?

I don't drive a vehicle anymore, but on one of the very last times I did so I was going to visit a friend and I was carrying with me a small snake, and the car burst into flames, and the brakes didn't work, and I had to pull off onto the side of the road. So it all ended up with me standing on the side of the road, holding a snake, and my car was on fire.

What's your worst habit?

Doing press.

You're a celebrated contact lens wearer. What exactly is wrong with your eyesight?

20/20 vision.

Can you walk the streets unmolested when you're out of makeup?

No. Unfortunately, I can't. People just say, "Oh, there's Marilyn Manson without lipstick on." It doesn't really work too well. It's not usually all that easy for me to go out, so I have to create some kind of diversion, like I'll set something on fire and then run the other way.

What's the biggest lie you've ever told?

I suppose "Antichrist Superstar." Because the entire album was about me being a far bigger rock star than I actually was. But by telling this massive lie, I became one.

What was the first record that you ever bought?

"Kiss Alive II". To go with the suit, basically.

Do you favour a particular brand of cosmetics, or do you mix and match?

Marilyn Manson: I usually use Mac cosmetics. It's a brand favoured by all the major supermodels.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Usually the Christians. I suppose. I think because, if I hadn't gone to a private Christian school, I'd never have built up enough animosity to want to have started a band. And now that I have one, the fact that they are giving me such resistance and publicity, they have made me bigger than they'd ever have wanted me to have become. So I guess in a strange way the Christians have influenced me the most.

Vampires on the New York club scene - have you ever encountered such creatures?

If I do, I'll punch them in the face. 'Cos I think you don't really need a stake to put through their hearts. It is more than sufficient to punch them in the face. I think that anybody who thinks they are a vampire these days is completely full of shit. But I do like the vampire ethic. I tend to keep my hours as they would. But the plastic fangs and the capes, I don't think they are going to get you anywhere.

What is your favourite tour bus video?

The Sargeant Pepper movie with the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton. My particular favourite moment is probably the part where Aerosmith play "Come Together" and they're dressed in these sort of fascist outfits. And of course, they end up killing "Strawberry Fields."

How do you relax?

I guess I would just drink a bottle of wine, if I'm feeling a little more sophisticated. Other than that, I'd probably take some painkillers, drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and smash a few things until I finally pass out.

What is your proudest sporting achievement?

I'm most proud of not liking sports. That would be my proudest achievement, because America is so wrapped up in sports and sports figures. But I don't believe in them, and when I see it I just pretend like it doesn't exist.

Have you got a teddy bear?

No! I've never had a teddy bear.

Who is your hero?

I guess David Bowie was always my hero when I was growing up. I still haven't met him, though.

Have you come up with a joke yet?

I'm still thinking. I always get to hear so many, but then I forget them. Give me another question while I consider.

If you could kill somebody without fear of detection, who would it be?

Hanson. All three of them and possibly their parents as well.

How did you enjoy your schooldays? Were you a scholar or were you a bully?

I was invisible really, because I was trying really hard not to get beat up. `Cos everybody seemed to have a different reason for wanting to kick my ass. So I just tried as best I could to bide my time, and get it over with.

At what time were you most proud?

I guess now. I'm just proud of the work that I have done in the past year and a half.

No more dilly-dallying, Manson. Tell us a joke!

Is that the last question? Do I have to have my joke now?

Absolutely. It's now or never.

Shit. I guess me. I guess that I'm the biggest joke that I know. I've pulled the biggest joke on music altogether. It's a very dark and nasty, cynical joke. But one that I like to laugh at, at the end of the day.