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"530 (Original version)(Confirm)"
Song by Kanye West
Album Donda 2
Released April 9, 2023
Producer Kanye West, John Cunningham, E.Vax & FNZ, Marilyn Manson(Confirm)


   [Part I]
   [Verse 1]
   5:30, the car missing
   No texts back or calls misses
   I feel like we all victims
   Nights gettin’ long
   Drunk texting, I should not do Patrón
   I hop on the phone, turn the music up, got in my zone
   Drunk texting, I should probably sue Patrón
   Had to do wrong order to do you right
   You gotta go through in order to give advice
   It’s the price of the litty nights
   I know the liquor hittin’
   Why when somebody break your heart it help fix your vision?
   If-if you fall in love with a demon or a diva
   Pray your soulmate got a soul when you meet her
   The crystal ball couldn’t tell me if they’ll leave again
   Problems too extra large to share with a medium
   We fight not for flesh and blood on this level
   And devil’s advocate is advocatin’ for the devil
   And love is all draining and stop, it’s all fatal
   We used to be secretive, but now it’s all blatant
   And it’s all just lost, ain’t it?
   Watching it all cave in
   We’re the topic of conversation
   5:30, the car missing
   No texting, just call missin’
   We fight and you won’t listen
   You right, we both trippin’
   It’s game time, matter of fact, it’s Ye time
   The past year has been a strange time
   Visitations on FaceTime
   And who gon’ break who’s heart first? Always just breaks mine
   Looking for blessings that God had hand me
   I’m trying to just raise the family, somebody should raise the nanny
   I’m trying to leave you alone
   But that last text was courtesy of Patrón
   5:30, the car missin’
   Emotions is all distant
   No texts, just calls missin’
   We fight and you won’t listen
   You right, we both trippin’




  • The song features a guitar solo by Tim Skold(Confirm).

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