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MansonWiki is the largest encyclopedia of Marilyn Manson on the internet today. However it has the advantage of being able to grow rapidly with the help from active contributors as anyone can edit it. This page contains a list of current things that need to be done. Many articles are stubs, or otherwise need attention. If you'd like, go ahead, be bold, and jump right in. If you aren't ready to fly solo, you can participate in a collaboration. Feel free to work on any of these items: even the smallest contributions are very welcome! You are also welcome to add items to this list that you think need revision, including your thoughts on what should be done. If an item was completed, please remove it from the list.

Merchandise/T-Shirt Gallery[edit]

  • We thought it would be interesting to create a gallery that showcased all of the official t-shirts in one place, separated by era.

This is something that we think a lot of people would be interested in, and secondly nowhere on the web is there a place to see all of the artwork that is created solely for t-shirts. (Other memorabilia to be added later) Try to find close up pics of the front and backs of the shirts/hoodies. Thanks!

Merchandise gallery


  • Expanding articles for tour dates. Example of how the pages should look can be found here: 2007/07/25 West Palm Beach, FL, 2000/10/31 Kansas City, KS, 2009/11/12 St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • Expanding the list of significant performances by Marilyn Manson with shows that marked some kind of special event.
  • Implementing tour date templates to tour date articles. All articles corresponding to the band's tour's up to the Self Destruct have been done as of yet.
  • Rewriting the stage antics sections in tour pages. For example: the Grotesk Burlesk article has such a section, but is in need of wikifying.


  • Providing full-scale .PNG quality scans of the Mechanical Animals, Guns, God and Government, and Grotesk Burlesk tour books. The cover gallery in each respective tour book's article features highly low quality covers, and it is for the benefit of MansonWiki's authenticity that these images be replaced for the better as soon as possible.


  • Adding album credits and cover scans to Album and Single articles where needed. Full-scale .PNG cover scans where applicable are best for retaining quality;
  • Adding the year of release to albums a song appears on in individual song pages. Example: Rock Is Dead.
  • Changing and adding wikilinks in the discography article to the Single article where appropriate. For example: the band page and the discography page; both link to a number of Song articles in the Single sections. Also Song articles do mention singles they appear on, but fail to link to them;
  • Expanding the list of Marilyn Manson songs covered with performances of Marilyn Manson songs by other artists.
  • Providing album/production/publishing credits where applicable;


  • Creating articles for any paintings by Manson that do not exist on MansonWiki.


  • Adding or transcribing written or video interviews in or to the interview archive. Please make sure original sources are linked and referenced.
  • Add cover images, scans as needed. See Interviews list here.

Here is an example of a good formatted/referenced interview. Interviews must mirror the resource. If they italicize a song then do so on the page, otherwise link and use quote marks. If the best source we have shows misspellings and grammatical errors then mirror that unless a better source can be found. A viable source would be scans or the original creator's website i.e.

Please edit and remove completed requests when done.


  • Adding categories to any uncategorized pages. For a list of existing categories click here. To add a category to a page add: (Double left straight brackets)(nospace)Category(colon)(nospace)Name of Category(Double right straight brackets) at the bottom of the page. Be careful of capitalization and spacing after the colon. Check the list if not sure.
  • Correcting any bad category names.
  • Creating wanted pages. Make the page by clicking on the grey link. Suggestion: click edit on like pages to get an idea of the coding for it.
  • Fix erroneous links that cause "false" wanted pages. For example: Dancing with the Antichrist links to a page called I.V.-T._V., causing that page to be listed in the wanted pages. The correct link should be I.V.-T.V., which already exists. (Reader's note: Please do not correct the page linked to in the example);
  • Linking to otherwise orphaned pages where appropriate.
  • Punctuation.