Your Mother Fucks a Sausage

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"Your Mother Fucks a Sausage" (or "Your Mother Fucks the Sausage") is an alleged song by Marilyn Manson side project Mrs. Scabtree. While the title has been been occasionally mentioned by band members, most notably at the 1993 Slammie Awards, no other evidence of its existence has surfaced as of 2020.


  • "Your Mother Fucks a Sausage"


Any lyrics for this song are unknown.


At the 1993 Slammie Awards, Marilyn Manson presented the award for the category of "Best National Release". After reading the nominees he added, "...and Mrs. Scabtree for "Your Mother Fucks a Sausage". That one was a late entry." The winner was Saigon Kick for The Lizard, and since the band wasn't there to accept the award, he called Jeordie White to the stage to throw the award into the crowd. Manson then chided White for "hit[ting] a girl" and apologized to the fan, assuring her that "love is on the way" (the title of Saigon Kick's Top 40 single from the album).[1]


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