Wrong Radio Noise

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"Wrong Radio Noise"
Wrong Radio Noise cover
Song by Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids
Album Birth of the Anti-Christ
Released 2000
Recorded 1990
Length 0:48
Label Nightingale
Writer Marilyn Manson
Producer Frank Falestra

Wrong Radio Noise (also sometimes listed as simply "Charles in Charge") is a short song that was played as an intro to live Spooky Kids shows. This track is simply a distorted version of the theme song for the sitcom "Charles in Charge" and was only sampled over the intercom instead of being played live by the band themselves. Scott Putesky confirmed to the website spookykids.net that it is indeed an official song despite never appearing on a demo cassette.

This song made it's first appearance on the bootleg Birth of the Anti-Christ. Though its unsure how the bootleggers got ahold of an unreleased official recording, it is believed by some that Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra sold several early recordings, including Wrong Radio Noise, to Nightingale records without the consent of the band and that is how the track got its release.

An unofficial remix called "Peculiar" can be found on the bootleg Dancing with the Antichrist.