Wrong Cops

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Wrong Cops
Wrong Cops cover
Film David Delores Frank
Directed by Quentin Dupieux
Produced by Gregory Bernard, Josef Lieck
Written by Quentin Dupieux
Starring Mark Burnham, Marilyn Manson & more
Music by Mr. Oizo
Distributed by Realistism Films
Release date Deauville Film Festival, France, September 1, 2013
Running time 94min
Country United States
Language English

"Wrong Cops" is an off-beat comedy film directed by Quentin Dupieux, starring Mark Burnham and an assemble cast including Marilyn Manson. The story lines are told in chapters by the day of the week.


Set in a future crime-free Los Angeles, Officer Duke (Mark Burnham), crosses paths with David Dolores Frank (Manson) while urinating against a park fence. A strange conversation ensues resulting in David Delores Frank being taken to Duke's home for an education in music taste. During David Dolores Frank's escape, Officer Duke accidentally shoots a man, leading to more escapades and a comedic study into world of cops.

Chapter One - Monday, released as a 14-minute short film, introduced the characters of Officer Duke (Mark Burnham), David Dolores Frank (Manson), and Duke's Mother (Grace Zabriskie).


On February 10, 2012, writer/director Quentin Dupieux began posting about shooting a movie.

10 February, 2012
'day one : done. thanks russian lenses. tomorrow : MM. shooting tomorrow ! ! ! ya ya ya'

'shooting day one.' pic.twitter.com/S7WwKOhf - Quentin Dupieux Twitter[1]

11 February, 2012
'shooting day 2 the creepy house pic.twitter.com/HncJgC8d @edbangerrecords j ai habillé MM comme toi. il te ressemble vraiment.' - Quentin Dupieux Twitter[1]

March 2012
'There’s a lot of film stuff that I’m doing that’s involved with the record. I have some ideas that may involve a lot of talented and unusual actors and directors. My favorite movie of last year was Rubber. The director, Quentin Dupieux, wants me to work with him in a film, and I want him to maybe do a video for the song “The Gardener.” I can’t guarantee that will happen, but I really like the idea of not caring about the convention of, “Songs have to be three minutes and 15 seconds, and there has to be a music video for MTV.” That world doesn’t exist anymore." ' - Marilyn Manson, Revolver [2]

April 11, 2012
'Manson, who recently performed with actor Johnny Depp at the Revolver Golden Gods awards in Los Angeles, told The Pulse Of Radio about his part in "Wrong Cops" and other upcoming projects, "I play a street hustler with braces on my teeth, which was an interesting, fun experience (laughs). I'm working on something with Johnny. Working on something with my friend Eli Roth also. And I'm basically just on a roll of having a good time at being bad and I just want to continue doing it." ' Blabbermouth.com[3]

April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012
Mr. Dupieux posted a link to an article confirming Marilyn Manson as a co-star in Cannes short film "Wrong Cops", in which Manson described his role as "a street hustler with braces on my teeth." The Pulse of Radio [4]

May 14, 2012
A teaser was posted to the Wrong Cops (a film by Quentin Dupieux) on Facebook facebook. youtube.com

Wrong cops poster.jpg

May 15, 2012
"Wrong Cops" poster revealed.

May 17, 2012
Chapter One, the 14-minute trailer introducing Marilyn Manson in the role of David Dolores Frank was released on iTunes. It was removed prior to filming on June 5th. [5]

May 24, 2012
A 'short' shows at the Cannes Film Festival in France. On this same date, it became available for viewing on various websites, including youtube and iTunes. [5] The film, "Wrong Cops" Chapter One was 13 minutes long. chud.com

May 26, 2012
'Shooting the entire movie starts on June 5th !! CAN'T WAIT. Get ready. Début du tournage entier du film le 5 juin ! IMPATIENT. Soyez prêts. wcfb' [5]

June 22, 2012
Several images appear on the Wrong Cops (a film by Quentin Dupieux) on Facebook of Manson with the other actors.

January 20, 2013
A 45 minute, first three chapters played at the Sundance Film Festival slashfilm.com [6]

September 1, 2013
The full version premieres at the 39th Deauville American Film Festival in Paris, France. [7]

November 24, 2013

Wrong Cops is my new favorite movie. And not just because I'm in it and get raped by a cop. @oizo3000
@marilynmanson twitter.com

December 2013
It was shown in several more Europe and Brazilian Festivals before opening in America on December 11, 2013 at the Vista in Los Angeles, California. [8] Marilyn Manson announced the release of "Wrong Cops" on iTunes via facebook saying "Duct tape is the new friendship bracelet". You can download the movie here.[9]

December 20, 2013
"Wrong Cops" opens in New York City. villagevoice.com [10]

December 27, 2013
"Wrong Cops" sells out at The Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles, California. [11][12]

December 31, 2013
"Wrong Cops" is scheduled to open in selected theaters in 2014.


  • Mark Burnham - Officer Duke
  • Marilyn Manson - David Dolores Frank
  • Eric Judor - Rough
  • Grace Zabriskie - Duke's mother, Donna
  • Steve Little - Sunshine
  • Arden Myrin - Shirley
  • Eric Wareheim - Renato
  • Isabella Palmieri - Rose
  • Jennifer Blanc - Ruth
  • Jack Plotnick - Dolph Springer
  • Daniel Quinn - Neighbor


'Dupieux's latest oddity has had an interesting journey to the screen. It started out as a series of vignettes, the first of which received a quiet debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. Chapter one features Mark Burnham as Duke, a dirty, weed dealing cop, and Marilyn Manson as David Delores Frank, who is NOT a street hooker, because prostitution is wrong.' - twitchfilm.com

'“Wrong Cops” is creative and a pleasant deviation from the norm. While some of Dupieux’s writing definitely provides “LOL” laughter, there are some weak points. Mark Burnham plays Duke, a cop that sells weed out of rats stomachs and commonly abuses citizens, but as a reoccurring role, his character is underdeveloped and I have no idea why he is often found in his underwear in his apartment with different men. This is where Marilyn Manson comes in playing David Delores Frank, and I must tell you it’s brilliant. Perhaps I’m biased as a fan of anything Marilyn Manson, but I almost didn’t recognize him as the clueless bystander who is unfortunately dragged to Duke’s house to listen to horrid music as Duke rages in his underwear. Again, I’m not sure what the motive is here, but it’s safe to say Manson’s confused attitude may not just be him acting (which he does surprisingly well).' - unleashthefanboy.com



  • "Wrong Cops" writer/director Quentin Dupieux is also known as Mr. Oizo.
  • On July 1, 2013 Mr. Oizo released a 4-track sampling of the movie's soundtrack, including a feat with Marilyn Manson named "Solid". The full album was released December 20, 2013 on iTunes.
  • "New Marilyn Manson - "Wrong Cops" Dupieux Collaboration Mention

December 26, 2013 |Source: L.A. Weekly In an interview with L.A. Weekly, "Wrong Cops" director, Quentin Dupieux mentions Manson will appear as a fashion photographer in a future film. "LA Weekly".


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