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Celebrity Ghost Stories: Marilyn Manson
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date July 23rd, 2010

Marilyn Manson appeared on the Bio. Channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories which premiered online on July 23rd, 2010. Below is a transcript and the accompanying video of Manson's story.

Promotional Clip[edit]

You know something as simple as a movie like "Paranormal Activity" I watched that and I was really, I felt condescended or insulted because I've had more scary, more frightening, and more interesting and believable experiences happen that I can't explain and I think that they're encouraged by my interest in things that maybe you shouldn't look into. I remember early on as a kid I visited one of my great grandparents home, which now in retrospect seemed like a picnic outside of a funeral home, they were mostly too old to be alive on this earth one of them died, and I remember going upstairs and that being, hearing scary and I could hear talking and it was very scary and then I thought maybe it was you know like a car radio or it was sounds coming from the street but I realized very quickly that there was no freeway nearby. It was never ghosts so much that I was afraid of but I was afraid of the supernatural maybe more related to evil, people's energy stays with things that they were attached to, so when it comes to a house that someone was really attached to died and wasn't ready to die, I think that house is going to be haunted. It is scary to me when you feel uncomfortable everytime you go to sleep, you don't have to be attacked by something to know that a place is haunted.
Marilyn Manson: Celebrity Ghost Stories

Full Episode[edit]



There’s this book called the Necronomicon Which has incantations it in and that if you read you could bring about the apocalypse. And I think you can create your own demons. And, but that I think that you can also foolishly invite those into your lives, and that is a dangerous path to go down.





So the very first day of public school, a guy named John who was the cool guy who smoked cigarettes and wore a denim jacket, just beat me up for no reason because he said I was looking at his girl friend.

I’m just standing there petrified and he punched me in the face. That’s not a really good memory. That haunts me. But so, I maybe just out of not wanting to get beat up over and over again, I tried to make friends with John by trading him my mom’s diet pills in exchange for not beating me up, bonding over the love of the same type of music which at the time was Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, all of the greats, you know. And I ended up a week later or so later, spending the weekend at this guy’s house because his parents were out of town, and I think his intention was to beat me up more, but I thought maybe I was going to, you know, make change/ make amends or you know, identify with this guy, which was foolish.

He lived in an area in Ohio, Canton, Ohio that was very still in development. His house had a barn but it was a gigantic lot of land, it was about the size of a football field.

We went to his place and he said do you want to see something scary?

(John: See something scary?)

And it’s almost like a creep show or the twilight zone or whatever. So we trekked to the barn, you know, he tried to make everything seem very mysterious.

I know that was part of the cool guy jean jacket persona of trying to be the evil sort of kid that was the dangerous guy that everyone was afraid of. We get to the barn, he said I want to show you something but you can’t tell my brother, that was the biggest thing.

We get to the top of this loft, and at the top of it was some sort of really makeshift satanic altar that was just rotting carcasses.

(John: Now read the book!)

We both got really scared and that was the most supernatural thing I ever

(show pause)

We get to the top of this loft, and at the top of it was some sort of really makeshift satanic altar there there were dead pigeons and dead rabbits and... It’s one thing to like you’re a kid and you step on a frog or you shoot a bird with a pellet gun but this was like animals cut open and their rotting carcasses hanging and blood everywhere and blood soaked into the hay, and I remember him telling me... I’ve showed you this..

(John: Don’t you ever ever)

Tell my brother or your dad. I’m already scared and that’s when he broke out this book called the Necronomicon.

(John: all right, I want you to read this)

At that point already, you know, I think, without even involving ghosts, we’re dealing with a situation that you know, is obviously unsettling.

(John: Go on read it! Read it, read the book!)


And then he stopped and the brother, that he had, his older brother, pulls up and it’s with the bright lights, he has his bright lights on, he just gets out of the car, noise is playing

(John's brother: You better not be in there)

If this guy, John was cool with the denim jacket this guy was like the jolly green giant of his brother because he had a bigger denim jacket and he was really tall.

We both got really scared because this guy believed in things that weren’t good to believe in. We ran out of the barn and decide we’re going to take this new piece of literature, the Necronomicon, and we were going to go read it and for all I know the guy was just trying to mess with me more. So I did it, because that’s what you do when you’re a kid.

In front of us is a forest, a woods So we start foolishly just lurking into the woods because there was a path. Not very far, there’s a clearing and there’d been a house. And I don’t know if it was previous housing development, but it was for the most part it was either unfinished or decimated because there was just the frame and of course the only legitimate structure was the cellar door, not a basement but a cellar door.

(John: open it. Okay let’s go)

Of course John made me go down there. You’re going to go down there and you’re going to read these incantations by Bic light.

(John: Go...go!)

It was dark, I don’t even think it was really a basement but I have no idea, I just think it wasn’t a good idea. So I went down these really rotted stairs and you know, there’s dripping sounds, handprints on the walls, I could hear whispering or talking and at first I thought it was my friend talking to me. He was scared and I don’t know if he was just trying to work me up.

(John: Read the book, read it!)

And I’m standing with the lighter shaking and it’s of course burning my thumb and I’m trying to read through the pages that just sounds like the worst thing you could possibly do at that point..

(John: Read the book!)

Fresh out of Christian school, I had read the bible enough to know that this isn’t good.

(Manson: Of night... Mistress of the dusk..)

This was the point where I was quite convinced that tonight, the end of my world was going to happen. I believe in the fact that there is energy and if you mess with it, something could happen.

( the land of no return)

And in the middle of it we both got really scared because we stopped. I could hear talking and it was very scary. There was people talking, whispering that I heard, it was along the lines of lines of do you believe in Satan?

(Voices: Open the door so that I may answer, Open the door so that I may answer)

I dropped the book, dropped the lighter and we ran in fear. There’s no explanation for it other than that there was something supernatural. Something that really had a presence of evil so we get back to his place, finally, exhausted.

My head is still reeling from the whole book and this was very unnatural and it scared me, it made me feel Like I created something by reading the book. We’d clearly gone messing with things that we shouldn’t have messed with, I mean there’s just things you shouldn’t bother with unless you’re prepared to, you know, face the consequences.

The next day I said let’s go find that book and let’s get it back because I think that we have unleashed something terrible, so during the daytime we went and went back through the whole trek and none of it seemed scary during the daytime and we get back to where the woods were and we follow the path and there’s a clearing you know where we saw the structure of the house and the cellar.

And there was nothing there. It just didn’t exist, it was gone and no one has an explanation for it, the fact that it disappeared like it was some sort of evil oasis in the middle of the night. I think it was directly related to our behavior and that was the most supernatural strange thing that I have ever in my live ever experienced.

I myself have underestimated the power of the occult to this day, I would go back to Ohio right now and look for it but I know that it won’t be there, I think that I have turned into the worst monster than anything that I could have dreamed of because it became my life and I don’t think there’s any other explanation for it.