Video Interview:2004/09/18 MTV Carson Daly Last Call

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Marilyn Manson Interview
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date September 18, 2004
Source via youtube



Carson: Our first guest tonight is one of the most popular artists of the last decade. He is as insane and twisted as he is brilliant. Here he is, Marilyn Manson.

(Music, cheers and applause)

Carson: What's happening, Manson? Nice to have you here.

Manson: You guys, stop taking up my quality air time. (Manson points to the band)

Carson: Yeah, exactly. We're gonna have plenty of time for you. What's going on?

Manson: Nothing much. Just, good to see you were making fun of these kids earlier, they can clap. Watch.

(Laughter and applause)

Carson: The Manson fans go crazy. Do you have a good relationship with your fans? Do you, like, read the stuff online, or how do you communicate with them?

Manson: You know, the communication's on stage. That the best way. That's why you become an artist, so you can communicate. Anything else is just inaccurate.

Carson: Do you go, like, after shows and sign autographs and talk with them, or are your fans almost too crazy for even you?

Manson: No, they're not too crazy. There is an exhaustion level depending on, you know, my drunkenness, if I'm in jail. Things like that.


Carson: When was the last time you were in jail?

Manson: I think that, I was arrested last year, but cleared of all of my sexual charges.

Carson: Oh, you were?

Manson: That little hanky-panky thing that happened on stage with - some security guard said that he was sexually attracted to me, or something like that.

Carson: Oh, right. But did you spend any time in the can?

Manson: Just a couple hours, you know. But it was enough to make me not want to be a guest star on Oz.


Carson: I met you...look at this, I met Manson in '90, when I first got to MTV. And I was — I saw you perform back in, like '96 at Shoreline Amphitheater at San Francisco with Nine Inch Nails, and I think Prong might have been on that tour, and was a fan of yours and was at KROG and, like, broke in the guy's office to play "Beautiful People." To make a long story short, I get to MTV and Manson is my first interview. You know, my first time in New York, and I'm terrified of Manson...

Manson: I'm terrified because...

Carson: most people who don't know him, and it really wasn't, I don't think, until...

Marilyn: I was scared because I read "Teen People," and you were doing, like, a joint interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and you were just talking about going (Laughter) yeah, you talked about how you guys go to church on Sunday and I was thinking, "this guy's going to crucify me".

Carson: Isn't that horrible? No, but I was fan of yours and...

Manson: You were brainwashed. (Laughter) You've clearly been healed of that.

Carson: Yeah, I'm good now.

Manson: He's good now. On Sundays he sleeps in.

Carson: Right. I don't go to church. Look at this. This is the book. Have you ever seen this? This is a large copy of, before it went to print, of the Neil Strauss book.

Manson: Before the lawyers took out all the objectionable parts?

Carson: I don't know what version that is. But I knew a lot about you, I studied and I thought, "I'm terrified." And then I met you, and I figured a lot of people probably have that about you. They're terrified until they get a chance to sit down and talk to you, if they get that opportunity. I think doing "Politically Incorrect" way back when might have been a milestone in that regard.

Manson: Well, we got to live in a world where you're trained to separate the conscious from the subconscious, so people like me stand out. But if we were living in more primitive times, strangely enough, I would fit in better.

Carson: Right. Fair enough. What — I saw you down in Miami at the MTV Video Music Awards. One of the things I've always liked about you are your gynecological jokes about Mandy Moore. (Laughter) You've had many.

Manson: Well, I’ve tried to switch it to Michael Moore now. So I'm doing a sequel to "Bowling for Columbine" called "Bowling for Concubines."

Carson: Oh, you are?

Manson: Yeah.

Carson: That's nice.

Manson: No one laughed.

Carson: That's okay. They're terrified. Your fans laughed, that's all right.

Manson: No, yeah, I don't know why they keep sticking me with Mandy Moore. There's lot of M's going on. You know, my obsession with Micky Mouse, Michael Moore, Mandy Moore, Eminem. All this stuff.


Carson: What did you think of the Michael Moore film? Of "Fahrenheit"?

Manson: Uh, I thought it was inspiring to me that, whether you like his opinion or not, or whether you care what he said or what he didn't say, that it made a lot of people — it inspired a lot of people to talk about things. And that's what art should be. So it was, you know, one of the deciding factors of me making my "Best of." A chapter closed, new beginning rather than just an end of things. Because when you make a "Best of," you know, it could be time to stop doing something. But, uh, it's hard to be inspired in a media culture where the more successful you become, the more marginal you are. You know, you become more mediocre, more mainstream, obviously.

Carson: And I don't think...

Manson: You experienced that with "TRL".

Carson: Yes. I'm over that. Thanks.

(Small laughter)

Manson: You're more cutting-edge now.

Carson: Yeah, here we are. But do people think that you're going to stop playing music because you're putting out a best of? It's a weird thing for Manson to do.

Manson: Well, my band thought that, 'cause I fired them all, but...


Carson: Why did you fire them?

Manson: No, I tried. No.

Carson: What happened? No, come on, tell me what happened.

Manson: No, just a matter of growing up and transforming. If you're not able to transform then you really don't grow, you know? If people don't want to try new ideas and try new things.

Carson: You should take Medeski Martin & Wood. You can have them in your band. Put a little makeup on them. You guys down?

Manson: I think we're gonna need the George Lucas special effects team.


Carson: I think you are. Tell me about; one thing I wanna mention, Jenna Jameson has a new book out called "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star." In it, she reveals some very, very interesting, vivid details about Manson. And said that you were "massively endowed." I don't really know what the question is. (Laughter) I figured I'd bring it up.

Manson: It might be a rhetorical question.

Carson: Maybe you want to comment for the ladies about that.

Manson: Stop calling my house. (Laughter) I'm engaged.

Carson: Yeah, that's true. You are engaged.

Manson: Yeah. I'm always engaged in something but this time I'm engaged to be married.

(Light laughter)

Carson: Wow, a woman.

Manson: No, I don't mean I'm always engaged with a — it could be a criminal lawsuit. But this time I'm engaged with a, to a woman to be married. Yeah.

Carson: What sort of woman...

Manson: You sounded surprised when you said "woman".

Carson: Yeah. (Small laughter) No, I just wanted to clarify that. What sort of woman do you meet that you say "I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with you?" What qualities does this person possess?

Manson: In the past, I was drunk. So I made a few mistakes. You know, you can agree, 'cause you have made the same mistakes.


Carson: He's right. I still dream –

Manson: The girl was drunk, I think.

Carson: Who, Tara?


Manson: Hey, I'm not saying any names.


Carson: It's all right. No one's watching. It's like, 2:30 in the morning.

Manson: Yeah, I know. I've got to take my jacket off.

Carson: It's like a sweater under the jacket, that's cool.

Manson: Yeah, so you know I'm only hot on one side.

Carson: Let's go back. You were drunk, dating...

Manson: Yeah, so I'm engaged. Dita Von Teese is the only girl that I've met that I'll spend my life with, because she dresses better than I do.

Carson: Really?

Manson: Yeah. And undresses better than I do, too.

Carson: I heard uh, I heard that you're not bathing. Is that true?

Manson: Where do you get your information?

Carson: I don’t know. There’s all kinds of crap about you.

(Light laughter)

Manson: No, I'm bathing.

Carson: You are bathing?

Manson: I am.


Carson: Who are you voting for?

Marilyn: You know, it's like a bad game where you, you know, if you don't like either one, you could vote for the third party, but it just dilutes it, so - right now, until someone changes my opinion, I'm a "no vote".

Carson: What's, like, your biggest concern in, like, America? Is it, like, terrorism, like ours?

Manson: No.

Carson: Is it big business?

Manson: No, I think anyone who gives in to terrorism is just — that's what it is. I mean, when you tell people that things are safe, you're implying things can be unsafe. You know, so it's just a...

Carson: Do you agree with the hard line?

Manson: No, we just live in a culture that creates its own devils. And that's why I've been demonized in the past because of nobody bigger to be afraid of. And I'm sure I'll be demonized again, but I like that, 'cause I look good doing it.


Carson: Just let me read a couple of names and tell me quickly what you think of them. How do you like, quickly, the Bush twins.

Manson: Geez. (Laughter) Uhm, they should know that a threesome does imply incest, and that's illegal in most states so I'm not gonna show anybody that tape that you gave me earlier.

(Daly makes face followed by laughter and applause)

Carson: I don't know, I really think you would really like...

Manson: I think the mace(?) crowd.

(Talking over each other)

Carson: No, they're fine.

Manson: And I'm pointing just to the black people, figuring they're the mace crowd. (Laughter) See, there we go. You gotta loosen people up. Don't be afraid to say the black crowd.


Carson: You said it twice in ten seconds. I think that covers us for the night. We've hit the black crowd quota for the evening. (Daly turns to the band) A little jazz, if you would. (Laughter) Do you listen to, do you listen to rap?

Manson: White people hate me more than they hate them, don't worry. (Audience oohs) No, that's what Chris Rock said to me the other day.

(Laughter and applause)

Carson: You have black fans?

Marilyn: I don't know. I don't go around counting.

(Cheers and applause)

Carson: You listen to hip hop?

Manson: I do listen to hip hop. I like — I did fantasize for awhile about being Beyonce. (Laughter) No, I wanted to be her. 'cause I thought she was better than me in the videos, her dance moves, her hips, you know.

Carson: Yeah.

Manson: It don’t really work out for my figure.

Carson: We're having this guy on the show next week. I just wanted to see if you had anything to say about him, because he's already loaded and now he is a big TV guy. Donald Trump.

Manson: He's only - he's got the more extreme version of my hairdo. (Laughter) By nature.

Carson: I would love to see you make over Donald Trump. Has anyone come to you and asked you to do a reality show?

Manson: I just, it would be to say, "who hasn't?" But there's clearly felonies involved and you know.

(Light laughter)

Carson: It wouldn't air on TV?

Manson: It wouldn't be airable. I've you know, known the Osbournes pretty well, and I've had to baby-sit those kids, growing up. I took Jack to his first strip bar. But – I, you know, (Light laughter) I even was his sponsor out of rehab.

Carson: You were?

Manson: No.


Carson: I say Jack'd be back to the bottle right now if that were the case. How are you with all of your vices at this moment? You feel pretty good?

Manson: At this moment? You mean like the next ten minutes? Yeah.

Carson: Like in general. Like this month.

Manson: Yeah.

Carson: You struggling with any demons?

Manson: No, I'm never struggling. No, abstinence, you know is always a good one.

Carson: Somehow I don't see that. It's a Greatest Hits CD.

Manson: Trying to keep my ear on.

Carson: "Lest We Forget. And it looks like double disks, and it has videos too, on one disk?

Manson: It does. It has all the ones that they would allow to be on there. I made a video that I'm gonna go ahead and say now has been banned by the label. They wouldn't even show it to MTV.

Carson: What video?

Manson: No, it's for "ain'T". It was directed by Asia Argento. And uh, I'm gonna make it available on my website only. It's the only place you'll be able to get it in America.

Carson: When will that be available?

Manson: Because I refuse to censor it. And I'm not going to defend it. It's a very extreme video. But I paid for it myself.

Carson: Right .

Manson:: Because I wanted it to be what it is.

Carson: Something tells me it is very extreme. (Light laughter) If you call it extreme, it's just gotta be.

Manson: Well, they said there was not one scene they could take out.

Carson: Is it one that looks like a snuff film? Does it have that gritty vibe to it?

Manson: No, no. It's a — I mean, the Germans said they would play it if I took out the part with the tongue in the lady's private area.


Carson: If the Germans are censoring you, you know you've made something hot.

Manson: Yeah.

Carson: All right.

Manson 'cuz they censor that kind of thing in Germany.

Carson: Manson, thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it. Marilyn Manson, everybody. Be sure to pick up the album "Lest We Forget." It's in stores September 20th.