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Background Info
Birth name: Anton
Birth place: St.Petersburg, Russia
Actual place of residence: Paris, France
Interests: Metal and rock, PC games, hardware, software, books, guitar
Languages: Russian, French, English, a little bit of German and ancient Greek
Number of edits: 1,449 (05/09/2010)

Manson and me[edit]

The first time I listened to Manson was in late 2006, but I began to really appreciate his work after June 2007, when Eat Me, Drink Me was released. I'm interested in his music, paintings, films where he plays, books, etc. =) I became a contributor to MansonWiki in September 2009. Also, I started collecting his albums and singles in late 2009, so my collection isn't really big. You can find it below.

My favorite bands and artists[edit]

I marked in bold the best ones! =)

1349, aeveron, after forever, airbourne, alice cooper, alkaline trio, amon amarth, amorphis, apocalyptica, arch enemy, audioslave, barren earth, before the dawn, behemoth, blackguard, blind guardian, blood ceremony, blood revolt, bloodbath, blut aus nord, bourbon crow, buckethead, burzum, callejon, cannibal corpse, carpathian forest, cavalera conspiracy, children of bodom, circle II circle, cradle of filth, crashdïet, cynic, danko jones, dark age, dark funeral, dark tranquility, darkane, darkness dynamite, darkthrone, death angel, deathstars, deicide, devian, diablo, diamond head, dimmu borgir, dio, disturbed, dope stars inc., dragonforce, dream theater, dredg, duff mckagan's loaded, eminence, emperor, ensoph, epica, eths, europe, frankenstein drag queens from planet 13, gorgoroth, grand magus, graveworm, great white, guns n' roses, hammerfall, hardcore superstar, hatesphere, in flames, immolation, immortal, indukti, iron maiden, jeff loomis, job for a cowboy, john 5, judas priest, kalisia, kamelot, katatonia, kathaaria, kingdom of sorrow, klone, konkhra, koritni, korn, korpiklaani, kreator, lacuna coil, lamb of god, leaves' eyes, legion of the damned, liv kristine, lordi, machine head, maniac spider trash, MARILYN MANSON (of course=)), marilyn manson & the spooky kids, marduk, mastodon, mayhem, megadeth, meshuggah, ministry, mistaken element, molotov solution, moonspell, morbid angel, mötley crüe, motörhead, mudvayne, murderdolls, muse, my dying bride, napalm death, nashville pussy, nevermore, nightwish, nile, nine inch nails, oceans of sadness, one man army and the undead quartet, ozzy osbourne, opeth, pain, pantera, papa roach, paradise lost, pendragon, pleymo, porcupine tree, rainbow, rage, rage against the machine, rise against, rob zombie, ross the boss, samael, satyricon, scorpions, sebastian, septic flesh, sepultura, serj tankian, shinig, slash, slayer, slipknot, soliwork, sonic syndicate, soulfly, static-x, steel panther, stone sour, stormwarrior, success will write apocalypse across the sky, system of a down, taake, tankard, tenacious d, testament, the dillinger escape plan, the killers, the seven gates, the sword, therapy?, thornium, tiamat, trapt, triptykon, trivium, twisted sister, underoath, unleashed, van halen, venom, viking skull, volbeat, wardruna, warrel dane, wednesday 13, wolf, wolfmother

My MM CDs collection[edit]

POAAF era[edit]

Portrait of an American Family [Argentine edition]
Get Your Gunn [Russian edition]

SLC era[edit]

Smells Like Children [European edition]

AS era[edit]

Antichrist Superstar [Japanese 2006 edition]
The Beautiful People [Japanese edition]

MA era[edit]

Mechanical Animals [German edition with a comic book]
Mechanical Animals [Russian 2010 edition]
Mechanical Manson
Rock Is Dead [UK Part 2]
The Last Tour on Earth [European edition]

HW era[edit]

Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) [Japanese 2008 SHM-CD edition]
Holy Wood [Promo CD]
Guns, God and Government World Tour [European edition]

TGAOG era[edit]

The Golden Age of Grotesque [CD + DVD (Doppelherz) edition]
mOBSCENE [European promo CD]

LWF era[edit]

Lest We Forget (The Best of) [DVD only edition]

EMDM era[edit]

Eat Me, Drink Me [European edition]
Eat Me, Drink Me [Russian edition]

THEOL era[edit]

The High End of Low [2 CDs deluxe French edition]
The High End of Low [Unoffical Russian edition]
The High End of Low [Unoffical deluxe digipack Russian edition]
Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon [UK promo CD]


From Obscurity 2 Purgatory [Bootleg]
Cd1 1993-1997 [Bootleg]
Lunch Boxes & Choklit Cows [CD + DVD recalled edition]
The Early Years [DVD]

My digital Manson collection[edit]

Click here (Google Docs)

Concerts I've been to[edit]

  • Eths - 2008/10/31 Elysée Montmartre, Paris
  • Slipknot/Machine Head/Children of Bodom - 2008/11/22 Zenith, Paris
  • Marilyn Manson/Esoterica - 2009/12/21 Zenith, Paris
  • Guns N' Roses/Murderdolls - 2010/09/13 Bercy, Paris

Video games[edit]

My favorite ones[edit]

assassin's creed 2, call of duty: modern warfare 2, counter-strike 1.6, disciples II, fallout 3, flatout 2, GTA IV, guitar hero 3: legends of rock, half-life 2, hitman: blood money, mafia 2, mass effect 2, portal, return to castle wolfenstein, sacred, sacred 2: fallen angel, serious sam: the second encounter, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: call of pripyat, team fortress 2, the elder scrolls IV: oblivion, tony hawk's underground 2, trackmania sunrise, worms world party

Games I'm currently playing[edit]

GTA 4: Episodes from Liberty City, Frets on Fire, Starcraft 2, Dead Rising 2, Civilization V

Contact me[edit]

You can contact me via e-mail ( or youtube ( or write on my talk page.