The Stranger

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The Stranger is a one scene only character played by Marilyn Manson for "Jawbreaker" film, featuring Then girlfriend, Rose McGowan.


To cover up a murder, Courtney (Played by Rose Mcgowan) goes to a night club to pick up a random man she will use to incriminate about the murder. The Stranger (Played by Manson) is found and chosen inside the club, he is taken by Courtney to the scene of the murder and engages in sexual intercourse with him, leaving his trace in the murder scene. Manson does not appear in the film again, but he is mentioned in some scenes afterwards.


The aim was to make Manson look like a sugar daddy of sorts:

  • Mustache.
  • Stray jacket, open shirt.
  • Gold neck chains, gold rings.
  • Long hair.