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The Realm Creative

On August 1, 2013 Marilyn Manson band member Jeordie White AKA (Twiggy) announced [1] the opening of a new recording studio, Web archive: The Realm Creative in Los Angeles, California.

Jeordie White along with Johnny K. is a partner to the studio which was founded by Johnny Royal and Max Liberty.

The 1,700 sq/ft. loft studio is available for booking. It is equipped for recording, mixing, writing, and production sessions, live performances, private events, and photo / video shoots, with rates available by hour, day, week, or month.[2]

Equipment available includes (but is not limited to):
Hardware: Avid 003 Rack w/Black Lion Maserati upgrade, Avid Mix/Artist Consoles, Universal Audio 4-710D Preamps, Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II, Apple Mac Pro 12-Core 2.66GHz Workstations, Apple 27" Displays, Adam Audio S3X H Studio Monitors, Yamaha HS50 Monitors

Heads & Cabs: Orange AD140, Orange Thunderverb 200W, Orange AD200B, Hiwatt Hi-Gain 50, Hiwatt 100 Signature Series, Orange Cabinets, Pearl EPLX-205P/B-BLACK E-Pro Drum Kit

Software: Protools 9HD, Abelton Live Suite 8, Logic Pro 9, Melodyne Editor, Komplete Ultimate, Waves Mercury Bundle, Toni Maserati Collection, JJP Artist Collection, CLA Artist Collection, Eddie Kramer Collection, Altiverb 7, Adobe CS6, Aperture, and much more.

Notable Artists: Twiggy Ramirez, Black Lodge, Lee Miles, Zach Webb, Jeff Hilliard, Emily Osment (Ramshackle), Reasons Be, and many more.

For rates and more info call or email: (323) 236-2326 / or visit Web archive:


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