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The Pop Culture Suicides (TPCS) was formed in Chicago in 2005 by former Marilyn Manson guitarist Zim Zum, The Pop Culture Suicides mix multiple styles and tend to avoid the use of typical song structures. Zim Zum, himself composes all music, lyrics, and plays all instruments on the band's recordings.

The Pop Culture Suicides made their debut by releasing four songs ("To Have Lived and Died in the 21st Century", "The Art of the Bruise", "The Disillusioned Revolution" and "Whatever the Future Holds") through the band's official MySpace profile and have since released many more. In this time, the band toured extensively in Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan and often debuted songs live. These performances are intricate with use props like; banners, wreaths, and signage.

In 2009 the band entered the studio to begin recording material for upcoming releases. This material is expected to be released in the form of four EPs, the first two of which will be titled "Anti Social Pep Rally" and "Crash Cart Revival". As a teaser "For What it's Worth", a Buffalo Springfield cover, was released for free as a high quality digital download.

The live band line-up for The Pop Culture Suicides seems to constantly change, as such it's not known who is currently in the live band.

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