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The Oracle was a forum on which replaced the website's message board in early 2002. Here, fans submitted questions which Marilyn Manson would publicly answer. Manson actively used The Oracle for a year, and by mid-2003 the forum became dormant before being removed altogether with next version of the website.


You have posted that GOAG is #1 in the USA and several other countries. Give us a link please, because on the top 200, GOAG is nowhere to be found. Furthermore, why would you want to share the same #1 spot that has been held by talentless pieces of shit such as J-Lo, Britney Spears and even the kids from American Idol?? Is this supposed to appeal to your fans?(it doesn't) Have you forgotten about your real fans who have been with you since those days in Florida, or are you trying to obtain fans who while driving in their cars, pop out the J-Lo CD and put in yours? Yes, the money is good, but don't become Limp Bizkit. (mje777 — May 21, 2003)

Irony. Look it up. And thank you to everyone. (Manson — May 25, 2003)

Shello* I went to your CD signing May13th (Sam-Goody/LA) and I asked you if you actually kept things that fans give you. You said "yeah, see I have a box right here" I wanted to clarify my question here b/c I felt bad making people wait behind me then. So...what I meant was if you keep them for good or do you just throw them away after reading/seeing them? @ the art gallery I gave you a card and a pic. When I left I forgot to give you this lil nun-statue (thought it was funny)-I gave it to Tim who was back outside to give to you--did you ever get it? Then @ SamGoody I gave you a white rose, card, and pic. of me holding out the poster you signed at the art-gal (lol-w/tears running down my cheeks) , did you actually read it or better yet keep it? (MorticiaMunster — May 21, 2003)

I have it. (Manson — May 25, 2003)

Hail Hallowed God, I would proposition you with a mayhap wishful question. I am from Australia which is a far cry from your usual travellings, but I was wondering if perhaps you have thought to grace my rather neglected country with your almighty presence anytime in the coming year or two? (xKhainex — May 21, 2003)

Yes, we are planning to come to Australia this time. We miss it. (Manson — May 22, 2003)

Mr. Manson, why dont you reply to my question and rather respond to peoples question about mere designing costumes? Wouldnt you rather give someone true advice than fuck off and write to someone about how you designed a costume? Or can you not comprehend answering a question that requires thought? (xxkurtcobain67xx — May 21, 2003)

Well, here is your time but I don't see a question. THINK about your question and I will THINK about an answer. Is that fair? (Manson — May 22, 2003)

Perhaps I'm reading into it too much, but when I was listening to 'Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag' something really jumped out at me. The part when you sing "One of us, one of us..." Is that a reference to the 1932 Tod Browning cult classic Freaks? Knowing that your a film buff, I was just curious. (Episode29 — May 21, 2003)

A favorite film of mine and Anton LaVey was responsible for it being re-released. Yes, a hint at my intentions. (Manson — May 22, 2003)

i must take a moment to say that i absolutley love your new album. i have a question about the song "para noir." who sings the female part in it? was it mixed in from a previous recording, is it an anonymous face, or perhaps even Dita? thank you for your time and i wish you many more "# 1's!!" (blushingblue — May 21, 2003)

If you read a few of the interviews I've done, I tell the story of how it was recorded. It was not Dita or anyone I have been in a relationship with. That is a big part of the experiment involved in that song. (Manson — May 22, 2003)

Mr. Manson.. I am in the Military and surrounded by closed minded people on, what seems to be, a regular basis. I have tried many things to counter them by exposing them to different avenues of thought. But it seems that they will still close there minds to my simple words that I offer. They just don't listen to me. Do you have any suggestions on my situation. Also TGAOG is a masterpiece. Thank you for your Time..... Your Dedicated Fan. (baumand — May 21, 2003)

Hats off for your courage to risk your life for all of our protection. Sometimes it's best not to force your opinions or tastes on others. If they see you are complete in your life, maybe they will seek out your inspirations on their own. Besides if the whole world was like you, then it wouldn't be so great to be "you" anymore. (Manson — May 22, 2003)

Bravo *claps* Awsome album and awsome video. Where did you come up with the idea of the swing dancers? They were very exciting (Cpaigee — May 21, 2003)

Actually, swing dancing inspired the big band beat of "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag." I was very obsessed with a film called "Hellzapoppin." A fellow named Peter Loggins choreographed the routines. Very amazing dancers! (Manson — May 22, 2003)

I know you really hated the last time you came to Mexico, are you planning to come back some day? (3NN0 — May 21, 2003)

I had a great time in Mexico. The audience was amazing. We will return on this album. (Manson — May 22, 2003)

you seem to have a cockier-than-usual smerk this time if you've touched upon something this dying world could never begin to fathom.can you offer any insight as to events or situations which brought you to this disembled reconstruction?what took place that lead you to the breaking point and making this tape that has become a brilliant work of art? (antiexistance — May 21, 2003)

Nothing tastes better than the embarrassment of those so sure that you would fail. Sorry, the fans helped me prove everyone wrong. We are all at number one today, so let's laugh at the jealous ones. (Manson — May 22, 2003)