The Nobodies (2005 Against All Gods Mix)

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"The Nobodies (2005 Against All Gods Mix)"
The Nobodies (2005 Against All Gods Mix) cover
Marilyn Manson song remixed by Chris Vrenna
Original The Nobodies
Album The Nobodies: 2005 Against All Gods Mix
Released March 15, 2005
Genre Alternative metal
Length 3:39
Label Interscope
Writer Marilyn Manson

The Nobodies (2005 Against All Gods Mix) is a remix of "The Nobodies". Despite being a song from Holy Wood, this remix and its corresponding single were released to promote the compilation album Lest We Forget – The Best Of and the Against All Gods tour. Remixed by Chris Vrenna, the band's drummer at the time, it is like the original with a slightly different drum track and a different instrumental mix. Along with a lack of bass guitar, probably the biggest change between the two versions is the addition of a sample of Manson talking over the breakdown.



Music video[edit]

For this single's release, the video for "The Nobodies" was re-released in an edited format. It is essentially the same as the original video with the one exception being that any footage featuring members of the band other than Manson has been removed. This was most likely done because John 5 and Twiggy appeared in the original video but were no longer in the band at the time of the re-release.



   Today I am dirty
   and I want to be pretty
   Tomorrow, I know that I'm just dirt
   We are the nobodies
   we wanna be somebodies
   when we're dead,
   they'll know just who we are
   Yesterday I was dirty
   wanted to be pretty
   I know now that I'm forever dirt
   We are the nobodies
   we wanna be somebodies
   when we're dead,
   they'll know just who we are
   Some children died the other day
   we fed machines and then we prayed
   puked up and down in morbid faith
   you should have seen the ratings that day...

In addition, a speech by Manson was included in this remix that is not present in the original version:

   I don't know love, I never cared to and I'm not sure if I ever will. 
   I'm a student of hate. I know now that god is a medium. 
   Whatever I expected to save me from this life is no longer the one I can hate. 
   It is the people that made me; it is the people I wanted so much to be. 
   I may only find love in their destruction.