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What's this?[edit]

Just do anything with this page, find out how this wiki-stuff works. That's what the Sandbox is for! To start click on the "edit" link on the top of the page and see if you can edit this page.

server name[edit]

years old[edit]

52 52 53 0

Photos template rework[edit]

  • B = FOUND
  • C = FOUND


File:47119423 1753093171832672 2753511938493576810 n.mp4

HTML5 Spoiler[edit]

<details> <summary>Apple of Sodom</summary>

"Apple of Sodom"

</details> <details> <summary>Antichrist Superstar</summary>

"Antichrist Superstar"


REJECTED. Rationale:

  1. details/summary are not lazy hence may load heavy content
  2. patching Sanitizer.php does not close the <details> tag