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See "edit" above? On MansonWiki, you can edit articles right now using your MansonWiki account, Facebook account, or even without logging in. We recommend logging in though, so people know it was you who helped out, and also to prevent your IP-address from showing up everywhere.

What is MansonWiki?[edit]

MansonWiki is an encyclopedia collaboratively written by the fans for the fans. The site utilizes a special software called MediaWiki, which makes collaboration easy. Many people are constantly improving MansonWiki, making changes by the hour, all of which are recorded on article histories and right here. Inappropriate and or inaccurate changes are generally removed quickly, by our knowledgeable staff members and users. Repeat offenders may be blocked from editing. However, do not let this discourage your input, as this course of action is generally reserved for users who spam or intentionally vandalize content on the website.

How can you help?[edit]

Don't be afraid to edit. Anyone can edit almost any page, and we encourage you to be bold! Find something that can be improved, whether content, grammar or formatting, and make it better. You cannot break MansonWiki. Any edits can be fixed or improved upon later. Go ahead, edit an article and help make MansonWiki the most informative Marilyn Manson resource on the Internet! Be sure to take a look at the to do list we have assembled. You might just find something you can help us out with, whether it be providing scans for album artwork, contributing tour setlists or even uploading photographs to one of our many galleries.

Using the wiki[edit]

Reading articles[edit]

Articles can be accessed by clicking any internal link, which looks like this. Hundreds of these links may appear in a single article, so it is easy to lose yourself in reading a seamless number of topics covered by our archive. Links can also be found on the sidebar, visible on the left pane of every page of MansonWiki. If you know exactly what you're looking for, you may even use our search function. Don't worry about proper capitalization or punctuation. Thanks to our comprehensive system of redirects, even searching for a topic by abbreviation will sometimes carry you wherever you want to go.

Editing articles[edit]

Make your first edit right now:

If you are unfamiliar with "wiki coding" feel free to click "Rich Editor" in the right hand corner of the screen to enable a more user-friendly text editor, known as the FCKeditor.

  1. Click here to add a new section. (If there are already sections under "Test edits", you can also click on the appropriate "edit" link and edit someone else's text.)
  2. Type a subject heading and some text.



Linking to internal articles on MansonWiki[edit]

One of the most important aspects of a Wiki oriented website is the ability to browse from one article to the next based on links provided in the article. The most predominant links are internal links which are article titles which already exist on MansonWiki. For example if I am editing the page for the song Coma White any term such as a band member, album title, or related subject that I write in the article will be linked by adding double brackets to the term for example: [[Coma White]] becomes Coma White. Proper capitalization and spelling is important when linking internally, as the title must be an exact match of the article already registered in the database. If the [[Article doesn't exist]] or is capitalized improperly, [[Coma white]] a grey, dotted line will appear. You may also link to an article using another term for the title as long as the proper title appears before the solid line in an internal link. Example: [[The High End of Low|Manson's seventh studio album]] Manson's seventh studio album was released in May of 2009.

  • Note that the actual article title is The High End of Low, and following the | anything that you type within the double brackets will link to the article for The High End of Low.

Linking to external sites on MansonWiki[edit]

While MansonWiki for the most part, functions as an informative "stand-alone database," Manson's online presence lies within the entire online community, Including sites such as The Nachtkabarett and other online fan sites. The Wiki-coding is similar to internal links, though instead of using double brackets for an external link we use only a single bracket for the url with a space after the url and before the terms we are linking to.

  • Example:

For an in-depth analysis of the Coma White see [ The Nachtkabarett].  becomes For an in-depth analysis of the Coma White see The Nachtkabarett.

Page editing: cheat sheet[edit]

For a cheat sheet of the most common codes and markup when editing a page, see the Cheat Sheet.

How do I upload an image to MansonWiki?[edit]

Uploading images[edit]

To upload an image you need to have a user account. See below for more information about registering.
Imagery is an important part of the site. All images must be uploaded directly to the site using the Upload File link, or for multiple images use the Multi Upload function located at the bottom left hand side of the Toolbox menu.

Once you have uploaded the image to our site Copy the file name of the image: example.jpg and use the double brackets

to denote that it is an internal file just like with an article title as mentioned previously in this tutorial. 

To place an image in an article:[edit]

[[Image:example.jpg|right|thumb|300px]] The first part is the image name The second section denotes whether it is positioned on the left or right side of the page The third part indicates that it is a thumbnail, meaning it can be enlarged by clicking upon the image The fourth part sets the size of the image to display, This is optional as long as you include thumb within the brackets.

You can also link an image to an article by adding [[Image:Example.jpg|thumb|right|link=article title]]

To place an image in a photo gallery:[edit]

Copy the image names and place them anywhere between the tag <gallery> </gallery>, as follows:

 Image:MM new 2010.png
 File:MM new 2010 1.png


Creating an account / logging in[edit]

On MansonWiki it's not required to register an account to read or even edit articles. However, creating an account does have some benefits:

  • Options and preferences As a logged in user you have plenty of options to fit the Wiki a little more to your preferences. You can add custom stylesheets, set email preferences, track the changes to articles you find interesting, and much more.
  • Uploading images With a registered account you are able to upload images to the wiki.
  • Recognition. If you edit an article without logging in, your IP-address will be the only thing that tells us who you are. Using an account will show everyone who the person is that made those awesome contributions. It will also hide youre IP-address, in case you're concerned about that.
  • Contests and quizzes: In previous contests everyone was allowed to enter. Now that it's much easier to register an account here, in the future we will only allow entries by members of this site.


To register an account there are two options:

  1. Click on 'log in / create account' in the top right of the site to manually create an account. Then, click on 'create account' in the window that appears.
  2. Click on 'Log in with Facebook' to create an account that is linked to your Facebook account.

Creating an account manually If you manually register an account, you will have to choose a nickname and provide a password. You can also choose to enter an email address and your real name, but these are optional. Remember though that if you don't fill in an email address and you lose your password, you cannot reset the password yourself. Instead, you will have to contact the admins (admin [at] or @mansonwiki).

Also, to prove you're an actual human being and not a robot, we ask you to solve a simple question. Although machines are actually designed to do this for us, statistics have proven that we get a lot less spam if we use this method.

You can now login using the username and password you've chosen.

FaceBook connect Registering with your Facebook account is a lot easier (if you already have a Facebook account that is). Just click on the 'log in with Facebook' link, and a popup will allow you to give MansonWiki access to your account. Don't be afraid, we only need it to log you in. We won't spam your wall, harrass all your friends or tag pictures with your name on it.

The first time you will be asked to fill in a username. If you already have a MansonWiki username please select the first option, which links Facebook to your pre-existing MansonWiki username. You will also have to provide your password, to prove that you're indeed the owner of that account. In all other cases you can just choose which username you will start using.

Unconnecting your Facebook account[edit]

If you accidently created a new account with Facebook instead of linking it to your existing account, or if you don't want your account to be linked with Facebook anymore, you can unlink Facebook again. For now you will have to ask us to do this for you (admin [at] Later we will implement an option to do this yourself.

Removing / renaming your account[edit]

As a general rule we don't delete or rename accounts. If you're fed up with the Wiki, just don't log in anymore, and if you want a new name you can register a new account.

In special cases you may contact us via mail, but we can't promise to fulfill your request.