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The following sites are notable resources for Marilyn Manson information, each with its own significance:

Official Websites

Official Social Networks

Unofficial websites


Manson Collectors

A compilation of various Manson fans and their collections of Manson memorabilia.

  • Arch Dandy — Without a doubt, Arch Dandy is the owner of the largest Marilyn Manson collection with the rarest of rare, all in mass quantities. You can find him on facebook.
  • Black Diamond Music Memorabilia sells Marilyn Manson and other music memorabilia.
  • Herr Doktor — Norsefire's collection is very well laid out, as his web design capabilities are well-known throughout the Manson community and contains a very nice collection of memorabilia sorted by era.



  • MansonLegion — The official France fanclub of Marilyn Manson. Band history, discography, biographies, photos, at Marilyn Manson Images.
  • — Manson bootlegs and more.
  • MarilynManson.Fr — A French Marilyn Manson fan site, featuring interviews and thousands of images. Also see the MansonWiki article on MarilynManson.Fr.


Band Member Official Websites

Other Websites of Interest