The High End of Low Tour: European Leg

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European Tour
Tour by Marilyn Manson
Location Europe
Supporting tour The High End of Low Tour
Supporting album The High End of Low
Start date 11 November, 2009
End date 21 December, 2009
Shows 30
(27 completed, 3 cancelled)
Marilyn Manson tour chronology
The High End of Low Tour: Asian Leg European Tour The High End of Low Tour: Winter North American Leg (Cancelled)

The The High End of Low European Tour was the sixth and final leg of Marilyn Manson's 2009 The High End of Low Tour. This particular leg of the tour currently consisted of 26 dates except of 3 cancelled dates, and spanned from November 6, 2009 until December 21, 2009. The support act was esOterica, a heavy rock band from UK.



  1. "The High End of Low"
  2. "Cruci-Fiction in Space"
  3. "Disposable Teens"
  4. "Pretty as a Swastika"
  5. "The Love Song"
  6. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"
  7. "Four Rusted Horses (Opening Titles Version)"
  8. "Devour"
  9. "Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World" (with "Track 99" intro)
  10. "Coma White" (with "Coma Black (a) Eden Eye" outro)
  11. "Little Horn" (with Abuse, Part 1 (There Is Pain Involved)" intro)
  12. "Running to the Edge of the World"
  13. "We're from America" (with "Fuck Frankie" intro)
  14. "The Dope Show" (with "Dewey Cox: Cocaine" intro)
  15. "Rock Is Dead" (with "Dancing with the One-Legged..." intro)
  16. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  17. "Rock 'n' Roll Nigger"
  18. "If I Was Your Vampire"
  19. "The Beautiful People" (with "Baby You're a Rich Man" intro)

Tour dates[edit]

# Date City Location Venue
1 2009/11/06 Malmö Sweden Flag-se.png Malmö Arena
2 2009/11/08 Oslo Norway Flag-no.png Spektrum
3 2009/11/09 Stockholm Sweden Flag-se.png The Globe
4 2009/11/11 Helsinki Finland Flag-fi.png Hartwall Areena
5 2009/11/12 Saint Petersburg Russia Flag-ru.png New Arena
6 2009/11/13 Moscow Russia Flag-ru.png B1 Maxium Club
7 2009/11/15 Riga Latvia Flag-lv.png Arena Riga
8 2009/11/17 Warsaw Poland Flag-pl.png Stodola
9 2009/11/18 Berlin Germany Flag-de.png Tempodrome
10 2009/11/19 Cologne Germany Flag-de.png Palladium
11 2009/11/21 Hamburg Germany Flag-de.png Docks
12 2009/11/23 Frankfurt Germany Flag-de.png Jahrhunderthelle
13 2009/11/24 Munich Germany Flag-de.png Tonhalle
14 2009/11/26 Treviso Italy Flag-it.png Palaverde
15 2009/11/27 Milan Italy Flag-it.png Palasharp
16 2009/11/29 Toulouse France Flag-fr.png Zenith
17 2009/12/01 Lisboa Portugal Flag-pt.png Campo Pequeno
18 2009/12/03 Madrid Spain Flag-es.png Palacio de los Deportes
19 2009/12/04 Barcelona Spain Flag-es.png Estadi Olimpic Lluis
20 2009/12/06 Lille France Flag-fr.png Zenith
21 2009/12/07 Amsterdam Netherlands Flag-nl.png Heineken Music Hall
22 2009/12/09 London England Flag-eng.png Flag-uk.png 02 Academy
23 2009/12/10 London England Flag-eng.png Flag-uk.png 02 Academy
24 2009/12/13 Birmingham England Flag-eng.png Flag-uk.png 02 Academy
25 2009/12/14 Manchester England Flag-eng.png Flag-uk.png 02 Academy
26 2009/12/15 Glaslow Scotland Flag-scot.png Flag-uk.png 02 Academy
27 2009/12/17 Nottingham England Flag-eng.png Flag-uk.png Trent FM Arena
28 2009/12/18 Antwerpen Belgium Flag-be.png Lotto Arena
29 2009/12/20 Luxembourg Luxembourg Flag-lu.png Rockhal
30 2009/12/21 Paris France Flag-fr.png Zenith


  • The performances in Malmö, Stockholm and Oslo where cancelled due to changes in the tour schedule.