The High End of Low (intro)

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"The High End of Low (Intro)"
The High End of Low (Intro) cover
Song by Unknown
Performed 2009
Length 3:04~

The High End of Low (intro), is the instrumental song that served as an introduction used during Marilyn Manson's 2009 The High End of Low tour. Although it shares its name with the The High End of Low, "The High End of Low" was not released on that album. It was, however, regularly performed live on the supporting tour. It segued into the opening creaking heard in "We're from America" (when as an opener), the footsteps at the beginning of "Four Rusted Horses (Opening Titles Version)" (when as an opener) and the opening riffs of "Cruci-Fiction in Space" (when as an opener).


  • "The High End of Low" — Performed on the "The High End of Low tour"; never officially released.




"The High End of Low"


  • This intro was commonly referred to by the Marilyn Manson fanbase as the "Hell, etc Intro" .