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Personal commentary[edit]

Review by J7

  • This section is only for archive purposes and has not been confirmed by any authority, and is only J7's interpretation written for your pleasure.

The song’s title is a double entendre, one meaning is taken after the high pitched organ sounds played throughout the song. The other meaning of the title, relating to the lyrics, symbolizes the pain of growing up as a child in America where parents influence the majority of a growing child’s philosophy with theirs. Parents block out anything they think is bad, “You’re not going to hear what he don’t want to hear”, which are the tools that develop a unique personality in the child. The kids are tempted with treats like “suckers, lollipops, and monkeys” and dialogue from the Child Catcher in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang can be heard in the middle of the song. Organ Grinder is a strange to listen to at first, but it truly captures the feeling of eventually throwing away people and things you love to become yourself, and doing that can “grind you up from the inside”. If Lunchbox was about the instilling the ire of rebellion and becoming yourself, Organ Grinder is the actual act of doing it.