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Review by J7[edit]


  • This section is only for archive purposes and has not been confirmed by any authority, and is only J7's interpretation written for your pleasure.


- Just the title of this song stands out against the rest of the tracks on the album. What is a song named after a mythical beast doing on Portrait of an American Family? But the song isn’t about the literal Cyclops, instead it is about the pedestal beautiful women are propped upon in America, and the hideous personalities that grow inside of them because of it. Their lives become so centered upon themselves they can’t see anything but themselves. “She can’t see nothing, nothing at all . .” The enormous amounts of attention we pay them slowly consume them until they lose all sense of individuality. The best part of the song is when Manson growls the last lines “Dilate … Dilate” (Dilation of the pupils is due to fear) to explain it is the frailty of Americans today that keep them stagnant, it’s too difficult for them to stand up to the “Cyclops.” A future Manson song, The Beautiful People, would take certain parts of this theme and run with it. While the song is not as fleshed out as other tracks, Cyclops does contain one of the best riffs on the album. Good song, but not the best on the Portrait of an American Family.