Sympathy for the Parents

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"Sympathy for the Parents"
Sympathy for the Parents cover
Song by Marilyn Manson
Album Smells Like Children
Released October 25, 1995
Recorded 1994–1995 at Nothing Studios in New Orleans, Louisiana
Genre Alternative rock
Length 1:00
Label Nothing, Interscope
Producer Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor

"Sympathy for the Parents" is the fifth track on the 1995 release Smells Like Children. It is an interlude composed of a sample of a 1994 interview on a talk show with Phil Donahue.




  • "Sympathy for the Parents" — Appears on Smells Like Children.


    (Some Bitch):
    I want to know um... why it is that all of you
    Seem to have Satanic signs all over you and what is that make...
    Does this music cause you to do what you do?
    (Marilyn Manson): 
    Is that directed at us or the parents?
    That's funny... Twiggy
    (Marilyn Manson): 
    Does the music cause us to do what we do?
    That's your little tape recorder... okay
    (Marilyn Manson): 
    We cause the music to do what it does... I think
    I think moshing is a sign of what Christians would call uh... the Apocalypse
    ...the Apocalypse
    ...the Apocalypse
    ...the Apocalypse
    ...the Apocalypse
    ...the Apocalypse
    ...the Apocalypse