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  1. 1999/07/29 Omega Message
  2. 2013/02/09 Edmonton, Canada
  3. 530
  4. Ace of Spades
  5. Aritcle:2016/09/23 The Secret Society
  6. Article:1991/09/04 The Manson Murders
  7. Article:1996/02 Marilyn Manson: Anti-Christ Superstar?
  8. Article:1997/01/27 The Dark Side
  9. Article:1997/02/24 MUSIC: Satan's Little Helpers
  10. Article:1997/05/03 N.J. Venue Says Marilyn Manson Is Not Welcome
  11. Article:1998/04/04 Marilyn Manson. Antichrist Superstar! The Making of the Last Great Rock God!
  12. Article:1998/09/09 Manson Talks About Fitting "Dope Show" Debut In L.A.
  13. Article:1998/10/14 Manson Settles Daisy Berkowitz Lawsuit, Denies Label Pressured Him To Do So
  14. Article:1998/10/19 Marilyn Manson Tour Draws First Protests, Syracuse Show May Be Blocked
  15. Article:1998/10/28 Marilyn Manson Kicks Off Tour
  16. Article:1998/11/26 Spin Editor Files Assault Charges Against Shock-Rocker Manson
  17. Article:1999/01/04 Marilyn Manson Rings In New Year With Staged Vegas Violence
  18. Article:1999/04/29 Manson Cancels Final Five U.S. Tour Dates
  19. Article:1999/05/05 Marilyn Manson vs Hole
  20. Article:1999/05/28 A mother defends Marilyn Manson
  21. Article:1999/09/07 Marilyn Manson Plans Live Album, Home Video
  22. Article:2000/02/29 Marilyn Manson Tweaks "Holy Wood" Plans
  23. Article:2000/07/26 Boroff v. Van Wert City Board of Education
  24. Article:2000/11/20 Marilyn Manson May Be In for a Shock
  25. Article:2000/11/27 Welcome to His Nightmare: Acceptance
  26. Article:2001/01/15 Marilyn's Moon on the Wane
  27. Article:2005/03/24 Marilyn Manson Remembers Hunter S. Thompson
  28. Article:2005/11/08 Scent Of A Manson? Marilyn Considering Launching Unisex Fragrance, Cosmetics Lines
  29. Article:2007/08/22 A double bill of devil's advocates
  30. Article:2009/05/19 Teen Classroom Shooter: "Hail Marilyn Manson"
  31. Article:2012/07/14 This much I know: Marilyn Manson
  32. Article:2012 Zombie vs Manson
  33. Article:2014/12/11 Rock Stars Went Extinct But Marilyn Manson Is Still Here
  34. Article:2015/01/20 'Pale Emperor' ushers in the return of Marilyn Manson
  35. Article:2015/05/26 Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Moviestar
  36. Article:2016/02/08 How Big Is Marilyn Manson’s Penis? Billy Corgan Knows
  37. Article:2016/02/18 Hear Marilyn Manson, Shooter Jennings Cover David Bowie's 'Cat People'
  38. Article:2016/02/29 Corey Taylor Is Excited About Slipknot’s Upcoming Tour with Marilyn Manson
  39. Article:2016/09/15 Marilyn Manson Teases 'Pretty Violent' New Album 'SAY10'
  40. Article:2016/09/20 Marilyn Manson: Why I'm Not Voting for President
  41. Article:2017/08/31 Op-Ed: Why the world needs Marilyn Manson right now
  42. Article:2017/09/08 Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down album review
  43. Article:2017/09/29 The Marilyn Manson Instagram ads you weren’t supposed to see
  44. Article:2017/10/02 Marilyn Manson's Former Keyboardist Reportedly Hopes His Ex-Boss Suffers
  45. Article:2017/11/10 Marilyn Manson chats how death impacted his latest album Heaven Upside Down and creating controversial art — after holding a fake gun to a US crowd
  46. Article:2017/11 The Low End of High
  47. Article:2017/12/19 Marilyn Manson - In the Bed with Antichristmas Superstar
  48. Article:2018/06/05 'Eat Me, Drink Me': Marilyn Manson's great, underrated goth album revisited
  49. Article:2019/06/14 Why Mechanical Animals Made Marilyn Manson Public Enemy Number One
  50. Article:2019/07/19 The Birth of Marilyn Manson: 'Portrait of An American Family' Turns 25

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