Space 39 Modern & Contemporary Gallery Exhibition

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The Space 39 Modern & Contemporary Gallery Exhibition was Marilyn Manson's fourth art exhibition, and also his first retrospective exhibition, held in Fort Myers, Florida. This exhibition provided the public with an opportunity to witness his latest and more advanced works. Paintings exhibited largely included but were not limited to works displayed during The Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art exhibition. This exhibition featured eight new additions on display. This exhibition spanned from March 31, 2007 until April 17, 2007.

40 pieces from this show were recently ported to the Gallery Schenk in Cologne, Germany to be publicly exhibited from June 28, 2007 until July 28, 2007. After this they will return to the Space 39 Modern & Contemporary Gallery thus leaving Manson's own gallery in Los Angeles, temporarily without his own work, until 2008.

Exhibited artworks[edit]

Photo gallery[edit]


  1. The Green Whore of Love (again a tryptich dating back to early 2001 but exhibited for the first time)
  2. The RGB Series (another triptch).
  3. (The Grey Series) paintings shown were first revealed as Untitled I & II (The Grey Series) but later appeared on paintings titled "I (The Grey Series)" and "II (The Grey Series)". For more information see The Grey Series Paintings.

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