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Rasputina is a cello rock band. It started in Brooklyn, New York in 1992, when Melora Creager put out an advertisement requesting members to form an all-cello band. Cellist Julia Kent responded and the two formed what was dubbed the Traveling Ladies' Cello Society.

The group is renowned for their unconventional and quirky music style and fascination with historical allegories and fashion, especially those pertaining to the Victorian era.

Creager writes all of the lyrics for Rasputina, performs most of the vocals, and creates some of the art for the band's albums, singles and website.


Rasputina and Marilyn Manson during Dead to the World[edit]

Source: http://a.opillard.free.fr/tfte.htm


  • Marilyn Manson remixed one of their songs.
  • Rasputina opened for Marilyn Manson on the Dead to the World, as well as appearing onstage as backup singers for the song "Apple of Sodom".
  • Rasputina recorded a cover of "Tourniquet" for their The Lost & Found EP.
  • Rasputina has also performed "Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World" live in their earlier years
  • Front woman Melora Creager allegedly taught Manson how to make pantyhose t-shirts which he incorporated into his stage outfits.