Rare and Remixes

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Rare and Remixes
Rare and Remixes cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Break You Down" with Godhead" (O.S.T. Dragula)[1]
  2. "Antichrist Superstar" (Prayer-Mix)
  3. "Sleepy Hollow" (feat. Korn)
  4. "Putting Holes in Happiness" (Acoustic Version)
  5. "The Last Day on Earth" (Instrumental) (Madonna Wayne Gacy mix)
  6. "Angel with the Scabbed Wings" (Cloud 9-Mix)
  7. "Eye" (feat.Smashing Pumpkins) (Live)
  8. "The Dope Show" (Synthetic Minister Mix)
  9. "Putting Holes in Happiness" (Ginger Mix)
  10. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" (Venus Head Trap Mix)
  11. "Sweet Dreams" (Nightmare-Mix)
  12. "Redeemer"
  13. "The Love Song" (Pogo Remix)
  14. "Mister Superstar" (Hail-Mix)
  15. "They Said That Hell's Not Hot" (Ben Rosen Mix)
  16. "Coma White + Coma Black" (Live 2008)
  17. "Rock Is Dead" (Prix-Fix Mix)
  18. "The Reflecting God" (Dark View-Mix)
  19. "The Speed of Pain" (Live)
  20. "You and Me and the Devil Makes 3" (Freeland Mix)
  21. "Cruci Fiction" (Living Death Remix)
  22. "The Beautiful People" (Misanthropy-Mix)
  23. "Citronella"
  24. "If I Was Your Vampire" (Live 2008)
  25. "Count to Six and Die" (Damian Star)


  1. Dracula 2000: Music from the Dimension Motion Picture