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Rammstein performing live

Rammstein is a German band formed in 1994 by Richard Kruspe, Till Lindemann and Oliver Riedel. The band produces a combination of progressive metal, industrial and techno they refer to as tanz-metall ("dance metal" in English). The band sings mainly in German. Band members Christoph Schneider and Paul Landers produced a remix of "mOBSCENE" called the "Sauerkraut Remix". Former Marilyn Manson member Chris Vrenna has remixed the band's 2005 single "Rosenrot". A picture of Marilyn Manson appeared in the music video for their song "Haifisch".

On March 22nd, 2012 Marilyn Manson and Rammstein performed "The Beautiful People" together in Berlin, Germany.


  • Herzeleid (1995)
  • Sehnsucht (1997)
  • Mutter (2001)
  • Reise, Reise (2004)
  • Rosenrot (2005)
  • Liebe ist für alle da (2009)
  • Made in Germany 1995-2011 (2011)
  • Rammstein (2019)