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Provider Module is a comprehensive resource of information regarding the artist, writer, actor and musician, Marilyn Manson. PM has a wide range of sections and resources for visitors to enjoy, including full Discographies, Videographies, Biographies, Image Galleries and an interactive Forum. The site as it currently exists was launched at 6 AM, Christmas morning of 2009, a year which marked not only the full incorporation of this resource after up to five years of collaborative work, but also the twentieth anniversary of Marilyn Manson since the band's creation in 1989.

The site originates from a combination of sources and persons. Since the beginning of the new millenium, Marilyn Manson's fans (partly following his example, though equally striving to develop modern databases, artistic endeavours and communities using the "middle finger" of the Internet) have been responsible for numerous sites created in his name, many of which have been as indicative of the skills of their respective personnel as the figure to which they were devoted.

The Internet, as ever, is a shifting mass, and over the years, various Marilyn Manson sites have been disrupted and re-formulated, though ultimately the dilligence of fans has prevailed. Provider Module, as a fan-generated venture, has been developed using the talents and passions of a small group of independent designers/writers, who despite hailing from various outlets, are all essentially dedicated to the same cause of representing one of the 20th and 21st century's most compelling and visceral mainstream artists.

Administrators and site creators are Cringeon, (who operated as staff for former Manson fansite MansonUSA/The Heirophant), Norsefire (Owner and Designer of, and former MansonUSA Staff) and S.D. (independent writer/Manson essayist). Chiefly, graphic design and web-handling was orchestrated by Cringeon and Norsefire, with thematics and written content devised by S.D.

In addition to the latter's written content, a wealth of information was collated for Provider Module from the hand of UK-based journalist Emma Ludford, who created Manson fansite Ultimate Manson Bible in 2005. Having worked for various media publications, including the BBC, and being responsible for former Manson guitarist John 5's online presence, Ludford's database proved a crucial location for Manson information and resources following closure of the aforementioned MansonUSA in mid-2009.

Since deciding to focus on more personally driven ventures at the beginning of 2009, the decision was made by Ludford to cease the Manson Bible project, and at this time ideas for '"Provider Module"' that had been being worked upon by S.D. since 2008 were put into full force by the Administration team as named above, as material and a community that survived the end of both The Heirophant and Ultimate Manson Bible' moved to its new, and steadfastedly permanent home.

Coined from lyrics for The Last Day on Earth (cited by S.D. as his most favoured piece of recorded music of all time), the name was proliferated to encapsulate how a resource website, or a text of any kind (like The Bible, for instance...), can be seen as a "Provider", to be used as one might a gun, a prostitute, a book or a symbol. Do with it what you will, but never forget why it exists in the first place...

Between three creative heads, and more pertinently, devoted Marilyn Manson enthusiasts, the site was built in three months, as the technical prowess of Norsefire and Cringeon merged with S.D.'s passion for the written word, and a veritable behemoth of Manson databasing took shape.

'Provider Module' is, as it intends to continue being, a testament to the almost incomparable contribution that Marilyn Manson has made to popular culture over two decades, and hopefully, for generations to come.

Provider Module[edit]

Provider Module, as of Feb 28th, 2010

The site features many items of useful reference:

  • News
  • Discography
  • Videography
  • Interview archive
  • Manson's journal archive
  • Fan forum

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