Odds of Even

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"Odds of Even"
Odds of Even cover
Song by Marilyn Manson
Album The Pale Emperor
Released 2015
Recorded 2014
Genre electric blues, symphonic rock
Length 6:22
Label hell, etc. 
Writer Marilyn Manson
Composer Marilyn Manson
Producer Tyler Bates

"Odds of Even" is the tenth track on the 2015 release The Pale Emperor.




  • "Odds of Even" — Appears on The Pale Emperor.
  • "Fall of the House of Death" — Appears on the deluxe edition of The Pale Emperor.


Lyric format set to be like that on http://genius.com/Marilyn-manson-odds-of-even-lyrics to be verified upon release of CD
   [Verse 1]
   Stood in the face of the grim death
   Screaming monsters bring me to deafness
   My dagger and swagger are useless in the face of the mirror
   When the mirror is made of my face
   This is the House of Death
   Where even angels die in arms of demons
   This is the House of Death
   Where even angels die in arms from a demons
   [Verse 2]
   Hide your heart in your gut
   But for what? When they're waiting to pull you apart like a scarecrow
   On death row, so now all of your secrets are shown
   No one is exempt from the odds of even

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