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Having suffered from colon cancer for the previous four years, Scott Putesky, also known as Daisy Berkowitz, a co-founder and the first lead guitarist of the Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids band (1989-1996), passed away on October 22, 2017[1][2].

Marilyn Manson expressed his condolences via Instagram[3] and Twitter[4]:

Scott Putesky and I made great music together. We had our differences over the years, but I will always remember the good times more.
Everyone should listen to “Man That You Fear” in his honor. That was our favorite.
Marilyn Manson

A former Marilyn Manson band guitarist, John 5 expressed his condolences via his Instagram[5] too:

Very sad we lost Daisy Berkowitz Today. Scott and I became pretty close the last couple of years we would talk, text and he came to a few of my shows a great musician and a great guy RIP.
John 5

Jack Off Jill:

Saying good bye to Scott, friend, band mate, artist , hero.. RIP Scott - "always touched by your presence dear."
Jack Off Jill


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