News:2010/05/26 Marilyn Manson Splatter Sisters

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Jump to: navigation, search has reported that Manson will be the lead singer of a death metal band in the film "Splatter Sisters", which is set to begin filming this winter, after Manson finishes touring.

" we're right in the middle of arranging the financing with the aim of doing the film this winter. It's got to work around Evan's schedule, and also Marilyn's going on tour, but that seems to be the best [possibility]." One fact which fans of Manson's music will find very interesting is that he has plans to incorporate those talents into the movie.

"Marilyn is a death metal rocker, which is a different kind of music than he's known for. He's going to form a new band for the film... that would record or tour for this new entity," Pressman said. Also intriguing is the idea of seeing Manson's on-screen chemistry with Wood, to whom he is engaged. "Evan is one of these two Splatter Sisters. They're... totally alienated from their families, who are not good to them, and they take on a vagabond life. They're on the road... to go to Hollywood. They're fans of Marilyn's band and become indoctrinated under his spell in the movie."