Mini Cassette Recordings

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"Mini Cassette Recordings"
Mini Cassette Recordings cover
Song by Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids
Album Spooky Kids Announcement Cassette
Recorded Probably 1990
Genre Spoken
Length 7:26

"Mini Cassette Recordings" is a bunch of short segments recorded on a portable tape recorder as Manson wandered around town with some friends, reciting lyrics and poetry, and making observations. The tape also includes a complete reading of the "club" segement from "Number Nine", and ends with a couple of short clips from unknown versions of "Son of Man" and "White Knuckles" (probably from a rehearsal).




(train horn blows)
Manson: ...the train and along came a choo choo, 
knocked my monkey coo coo, and now my monkey's dead.
(train horn blows again)
Manson: I had a little monkey, I sent him to the country and I fed him on gingerbread. 
Along came a choo choo, knocked my monkey coo coo, and now my monkey's dead. 
Then we walked around the tracks and we looked for body parts... hands or maybe feet. 
If I found a hand or a foot, then I wouldn't turn it in, I'd keep  it. 
I'd more than likely take them myself and boil the skin off and have it for 
a necklace or something. We all are in a car, each our own. 
A herd of cattle, we move along, always ignoring lights.
(cars driving by can be heard in the background)
Manson: Here on the ground, the ants crawl by each other 
and they walk over things that we see, and birds shit on the ground. 
Might be art to us, but it's just bird shit to them.
Pogo(?): ...lots of liquid.
(something falls, sounds like maybe a soda can dropping from a vending machine)
Pogo(?): Now there's a sampler... (indecipherable over sound of cars) 
I tell ya, that's what it is.
Daisy(?): Start recording so we can get the thrill of walking.
Manson: Now we have the thrill of walking. 
I kick the leaves like the little people between my feet 
and I squish their thoughts in my toes and...
Pogo(?): Oh wow...
Manson: I run through the grass and I know...
(sound of pills shaking in a bottle)
Pogo(?): Advil...
Manson: Advil, Advil... Anna 'ad a Advil...
(sounds of cars and busses driving by)
Manson: ...gotta say hi... How you doing Teddy?
Teddy (sounds like an old bum they walked up to): Alright, you?
Manson: Pretty good. Pretty good these days.
Teddy: Yeah, I'm gonna go back in after a while and listen to them jib-jab 
all day long and they've been at it since four o'clock you know, 
most of it is traffic, where they're  steering them.
Manson: Where you going back to?
Teddy: Back to Lincoln Street.
Manson: Oh, that's where you live?
Teddy: Yeah.
Manson: You just come up here and take a walk around?
Teddy: Yeah, I take a walk about every morning. 
They get me up too early, three thirty, four o'clock in the morning. 
So when it come eight o'clock I said I'll take a walk. I'll make it back by ten thirty.
Manson: Okay, have a good day.
Teddy: Sure.
Manson: Bye.
(talking in a baby voice:)
Manson: It was a Halloweenie, and Frankenstein had a poop stain underwear on. 
And the wolfman went up to the Count Dracula and he said 
"You a bloody vampire." ...that's it.
Manson: ...pretty good. Let me...
Manson: Standing outside, I look over the ledge.
I can see the trees and I can see the gravel and I want to jump but I don't know how.
"Take my money" is all that I think. He looks at the earring. "Fag," he mumbles.
I don't care. Life's too short. He's fat and nobody likes him.
I walk into the club and I pass a table of black girls with short hair.
They all look like men. They all look the same.
I can hear the strobe now. It's loud and the music is too bright.
I can't remember if I came alone or not, but it doesn't matter.
There are millions of people who waited all their lives, no doubt, just to be my friend.
As I near the bar I see two persons eating each other's faces.
I bark to the bartender, he gives me a placebo.
"You're so young," he says, "to be here."
I nod and swallow the bland drink.
And I walk over and I stumble near a crowd.
They think I'm a good dancer.
And I hear a girl tell another girl that she saw some girl she knows 
watch some other girl puke in the toilet.
I smile in their general direction.
The cute one comes over and she takes a bite from my cheek.
I start to hit her and she's grinning.
There's blood on her teeth. I don't know if it's hers or if it's mine.
"My place or yours," I ask her.
"The gutter will be fine," she confesses.
As we walk out of the club, she takes another bite out of my cheek.
And I laugh at the fat man by the door. 
Manson (in baby voice again): ...must have a problem with killing some races and getting caught, 
nobody wants to caught, you can't go to jail. 
If you kill somebody. Sure, sure I'd  do it. No problem. There's nothing wrong with that. 
Put a knife in somebody's hand, just go kill somebody.
(some background noise can be heard, and a faint "1,2,3,4," then the first couple of drum beats of Son of Man)
(then it abruptly cuts to the end of White Knuckles. All that can be heard is Manson's vocals in the right  
channel and the keyboards in the left.)
Manson:, you pulled me though with white knuckles! White knuckles! White knuckles! White knuckles! White  
knuckles! White knuckles!