Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21 Years in Hell

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Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21 Years in Hell
Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21 Years in Hell cover
Written by Perou
Released: May 2020
Illustrator: Perou
Media type: Hardcover
Length: 272 pages
ISBN: 978-1-9095260693[1]

Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21 Years in Hell is the book of previously unreleased Marilyn Manson photographs by Perou.

The book also features a limited edition version (100 pcs in total) with one unseen original polaroid per each.[2]

In August, 2020 Perou announced the re-release.


Photographs from the press release[edit]

Photographs available at Amazon[edit]

As of December 30, 2019 the book is available for pre-sale at Amazon.

Photographs revealed by Perou in his Instagram[edit]

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
sooo...i have been sorting through the archive of negs, contacts, polaroids, my director’s cut of some never-seen-by-anyone but yours truly @mrperou @marilynmanson #johnnydepp and @billyukich video AND all the digital files.
Now @peter_and_paul are putting them together before #marilynmanson hopefully puts pen to paper.
In the middle of all the boxes I was reminded that I used to shoot test polaroids before every set up I shot on film (between 1998 and 2004)
I have about a hundred, 1 of 1 original #polaroids of #Manson and I’m planning to put one in each of 100 special collectors’ editions of THE book.
Unlike prints, these are not reproducible.
I also have a box of c-type photographic prints from various shoots and some very special black and white hand prints of Manson at home which we shot for Q magazine back in the day.
One of each of these prints will be in another set of collectible editions of the book.
Oooooooo #special
OR maybe we’ll just hide a few randomly in copies that aren’t collectors’ editions: just to be kind?
#printsnotdead #collectable #collectible #collectibles #memorabilia #rockmemorabilia #rock #bookphotography #photography #photographybook #musicphotography
My agent @jsragency says he’ll happily sign any books or autograph chests.
Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
these mythical beasts: the lost tapes of MM.
On tour with @marilynmanson in 1999 I shot a lot of videos: live performance and #behindtheobscenes
They were cut together by brother @billyukich (is how we met) and a tight, censored 1hr edit was included at the back end of the ‘god is in the tv’ video anthology.
The director’s cut is 3hrs long and is UNcensored.
I have a copy.
@marilynmanson has a copy.
Manson gave a copy to #johhnydepp
Bill had a working copy but doesn’t anymore.
I don’t have a vhs player to view the tapes I have and their quality is unknown.
Going to check through them with bill next week in LA.
Hoping we can pull some grainy black and white stills off it.
Not that the book needs it: we already have 10x more pictures than we can fit in the book.
We should probably have done a photobook for each album instead of one covering 21yrs.
I still can’t believe it’s been 21 years 😳
#notcomingtoascreennearyousoon #notsuitablefortv #musicphotography #perouontour #vhs #ntsc #region1 #rock #marilynmanson #godisinthetv #lasttouronearth #archive #limitededition #rare #unseen #obscene #notforyoureyesonly
My agent @jsragency represents a videographer, big on Instagram, who specializes in authorized #sextapes
Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
#exclusive #outtake from the book of @marilynmanson photographs we’re still putting together.

Not enough pages to fit 21yrs of photos so here’s a #neverseenbefore shot from the filming of the #marilynmanson #mobscene video shot in #la in 2003
we continue.
expect more exclusive leaks leading to the release of the book.
details of the release to follow as soon as they’re confirmed.
Merry Christmas. Don’t say I never give you anything.
#perou #giveaway #bts #epic_captures #negativespace #goth #godoffuck #archive #tome #picturethis #rockphoto #scenesfromtheobscene #obscene #obsceneextreme
my agent @jsragency auditioned to be one of the chorus girls in mOBSCENE but he didn’t get the gig

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
with HUGE excitement I can now announce the name and title of my first (properly) published book.
‘Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21years in Hell’
which will be published by @reelartpress May 2020
Beautifully designed by @peter_and_paul
Pre-orders are open NOW: follow the link in my bio.
Ltd edition orders will open later.
There’s also a load of information about the book on reel art press’ website and some words from @marilynmanson about it all.
It’s been a long time coming (21yrs)
But it’s going to be SO worth the wait.
please spread the word: the more we sell the more likely we are to do a book tour/signings/ have an exhibition near you soon
#MMxPEROU #marilynmanson #marilynmansonbyperou #21yrsinhell #published #photobook #perou
my agent @jsragency has already preordered 67 books: 1 for each of his wives
Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
It’s not ALL BIG cats...

Blow Your Whistle!
I mean ‘blow your trumpet’ (better if you could blow your OWN trumpet...if you’re an 🐘 you probably can).
hey ye, hey ye...
‘Marilyn Manson by perou: 21 yrs in hell’ comin atcha from those crazy cats @reelartpress launching May 2020 but available now to preorder AND we/they are just about to announce the details of the special Ltd edition and EXTRA special EXTRA Ltd editions.
Paul @peter_and_paul has been locked in a deep dungeon getting that sorted in between all the other designing I’m afflicting on him.
Did y’all know that Ltd edition (and first editions) NEVER go down in value?
They’re an investment, like art and gold bullion.
This is a never-seen-before OUT-TAKE from the book!
It doesn’t feature but plenty more from this behind the m(obscene)s video shoot do.
And in the book yours truly and @marilynmanson talk about the life-threatening video in some entertaining detail.
I’m excited about this book and I know a lot of you are too.
Hope to see some of you on the book tour and exhibitions that we’ll be doing in 2020.
Definitely planning on: NY, LA, Paris, Berlin, london and TOKYO.
Might get to Florida, San Fran and Cleveland Ohio for the rock n’ roll hall of fame and museum tbc.
2020 going to be a GREAT year.
And then there’s the new album and all that extra splendid shit going on too.
How excited are you to hear new music?!
(and see new pictures too 😂)
#trunkcall #announcing #soexcitedicouldpop
First time I wrote that, I wrote #soexcitedicouldpoo 🤭
#printedmaterial #happysatanmas and #happychristmas too
#book #photobook #godisinthetv #godisinthefinerdetails #ltdedition #collectibles #insertheadhere #lookintomy...stomach #fitinorfuckoff
My current agent @jsragency is a Ltd edition

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
the first time i met @marilynmanson (21yrs ago)

this is how it all began: i had NO idea it would work out this way or our working relationship and friendship would last this long.
i’ve met and photographed thousands of people in my career.
i’m still friends with some, but not many and most people i photograph only once or twice.
Manson and i talk about this exclusive shot from our very first shoot and our first impressions of each other in the book ‘Marilyn Manson by perou: 21yrs in hell’ coming out in May THIS year.
(available to PRE-order NOW on @reelartpress )
i had been driving round london listening to ‘rock n’roll nigger’ as loud as it could go with the t-tops off my ‘nightrider’ 1982 trans am before i got out to LA to photograph Manson for the Easter cover of @timeoutlondon magazine with @favcolblk
i’ve said many times it’s hard to take a bad photo of MarilynManson: you just have to point your camera in his direction and he does the rest (but some people still do: fortunately for me).
This book’s been a long time coming (21yrs) and I can’t wait for it to come out because we’re already working on new images and shoots: new adventures and creativity to do.
#legend #rockstar #rockgod #iwasntbornwithenoughmiddlefingers #elvis #marilynmanson #studio
My agent @jsragency smells like children

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
Which #pope is best?

@thenewpopeofficial or the original pope?
This never seen before photo of @marilynmanson didn’t make it into the book #marilynmansonbyperou #21yrsinhell available to preorder from @reelartpress
but a different frame-of-the-same does and IN the book we talk about this performance piece and #johnmalkovich AND being invited back to the vatican.
Manson did it first: other popes are imitations: (how flattering) 👻
my brother used to wear an #ilikethepopethepopesmokesdope T-shirt when visiting my mum who taught at a catholic school.
My dawg’s full name is mr.bunny wolfgang malkovich
Never photographed #johnmalkovich but I really want to.
#malkovichmalkovich #forgivemefatherforihavesinned
#marilynmanson #livephoto #musicphotography #original #exclusive #perouontour
My agent @jsragency
Was a catholic choir boy: poor lad: explains a lot.

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
a never-seen-before(?) outtake from the epic tome ‘Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21yrs in Hell’

available for pre-order worldwide from brilliant book publishers @reelartpress
THE (one and only)
@marilynmanson photographed at his unlit home in 2010.
There is another (better) version of this in the book.
The release of the book approaches and i am trying to sort book signings and a few pop-up exhibitions in places.
Last minute, as usual.
Could do with some recommendations for Paris, Berlin and Fort Lauderdale FLORIDA
Answers on a postcard or DM me. Thankyou
#marilynmanson #artbook #photobook #booktour #published #epic @mansonxperou #headshot
my agent @jsragency has arranged for the next #spacex mission to project pictures from the book onto the moon for everyone on earth to enjoy

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
don’t forget to wear your mask: da virus is coming 🦠 (Actually you got wear a vented mask and glasses 👓 because your eyes 👀 are mucus receptacles too).

Here’s ANOTHER never-seen-before (probably) out-take from the forthcoming (and ready to pre-order now on @reelartpress )book ‘Marilyn Manson by perou: 21yrs in hell’ of @marilynmanson on a rooftop on (or in?) the #holywood hills.
Roundabout this time we were also playing with smoke grenades and a police 🚁 helicopter came to see WTF? was with the machine gun and explosive home invasion.
A pre-cursor to the #wkwyfl video that @billyukich directed a few days later.
#letsbecarefuloutthere #staysafe #stayfrosty #hollywood #marilynmanson #virus #coronabeervirus
My agent @jsragency is stock-piling @stantonwarriors records

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
in Belgium checking the printing of ‘Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21yrs in Hell’

this was a daft idea for a cover image because it looks great in RGB but was SO hard to do in CMYK: the separations needed for proper print printing.
we have used special ink and processes to get it right.
and had to stop the press from running to make further corrections BUT i/we are perfectionists so not-quite-right would not do.
the quality of print is INSANE: I am used to seeing magazine print at aprox 120dpi or images on screens at 72dpi.
This book is printed at 2400dpi
It looks AMAZING: totally incomparable to seeing something on screen or in a magazine.
SO excited for this.
check the story here for many more photos and videos from the awesome printers @graphiusgroup
the book has its own IG account (and a life of its own) now: go follow @mansonxperou
Happy belated birthday @marilynmanson
You’ll get the first of the Ltd Ltd editions.
#artbook #marilynmanson #published #colourcorrection #perfectionist #perouontour #mindblown
my agent @jsragency has already preordered 103 books. One for each of his children

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
#Repost @mansonxperou

Testing paper and finish variations for the cover of the ‘Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21yrs in Hell’ book.
. . .

Available for pre-order from @reelartpress now.
The quality of the print is off the tits: seeing these images on screen, on phone or in a magazine are pretty much doo-doo in comparison.
i should have realized really but I’m quite shocked about how much better the @marilynmanson pictures look printed well compared to how i’ve been seeing them on screen forever.
this book could be my #magnumopus my #MarilynManson #magnumopus #mmmm #marilynmansonmagnumopus
until the next one 😂
this photo: @canitakethepicture
#epic #published #perouontour #incoming #preorder #perfection #perfectionist
my agent @jsragency is perfectly imperfect

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:

GREAT news, special lovers:
The 2nd wave of the 1st edition books, delayed by covid19 🦠 #fuckcorona
‘Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21yrs in Hell’ has arrived and is available for buyings
@reelartpress @amazon and other purveyors of fine literature and photo books.
to celebrate, i share THIS picture which has never been seen before: it’s not even in the book that’s FULL of never been seen before photos (and witty banter)
It’s an out-take: a version of the famous pool shot
from the @dazed cover shoot 2000ad
where i almost destroyed an album’s worth of material, when my hired lights blew the electrics in Manson’s home studio: oopsie 😬
I like this version of Manson, but the other is HUGE on my wall at home.
If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands...
I mean, if you haven’t already got this book or bought two already, or one for your BBF or cat, hurry hurry because we might not print a second edition.
When they gone, they gone.
Not long now till the best album of the year
@marilynmanson #marilynmanson #wearechaos #21yrsinhell #21yearsinhell #printsnotdead #filmisdead #reelartpress #disruption #eruption #distribution #ripple #nipple
My agent @jsragency has a first edition of ‘utopia’ by Thomas More


Mechanical Animals era[edit]

Holy Wood era[edit]

The Golden Age of Grotesque era[edit]

Lest We Forget era[edit]

Eat Me, Drink Me era[edit]

Photographs from the book[edit]

Note The pictures from this gallery were taken from public resouces. All credits go to Perou.


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