Marilyn Manson's fifth video album

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Fifth video album
'Fifth video album' cover
Video by Marilyn Manson
Released TBC
Recorded 2007–2009 during the Rape of the World and The High End of Low tours
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal, industrial metal
Length TBC
Label TBC
Director Rudy Coby, Steve Macauley< possibly
Producer TBC
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Marilyn Manson video chronology
Guns, God, and Government – Live in L.A.
Fifth video album

The fifth video album by Marilyn Manson was filmed during band's Rape of the World and The High End of Low tours. In interviews, Manson has alluded to the visual aspect of the film in a way that it would seem its live tracks and performances will switch between various shows while maintaining a single consistent music track, much like the band's 2002 DVD, Guns, God and Government World Tour.

Only two venues have been confirmed as filmed for future DVD purposes, the December 15, 2007 performance in Stockholm, Sweden and the October 23, 2007 performance in Osaka, Japan. In September 2009, the band's official message board began taking requests for which songs or particular performances fans would most like to see featured in the film,[1] indicating that the project has not been abandoned and the band has in fact continued to record footage while touring.

Possible tracks[edit]

Background information[edit]

On December 15, 2007, at a concert in Stockholm, Sweden, Marilyn Manson announced production on an upcoming DVD. The announcement and ensuing performance of "Disposable Teens" can be seen here.

In a January 11, 2008 interview with The Heirophant, Manson was prompted on the status of the DVD:

". . . When we were trying to just do a six camera shoot, maybe more than six - with proper ability to film the audience with cranes and all of that movie jargon, etc, etc. We've been filming all the shows, like I said, and everyone has a camera. I don't want to have a boring DVD - such as, "Here's song #1. Here's song #2. Then here's some behind the scenes footage." I want to have a video that makes you feel like you've experienced, even one day of my life, how it is now. It's going to be fun. You're going to cry. You're going to have a headache at the end and be sure to keep your pants on or your ass might be sore when you wake up. (Manson Laughs) It's exciting and that's what I want to see. I mean, of course there's going to be music in it, but I don't want to see that HBO special looking concert. I'm just not into it. I assume other people aren't into it. I'll film the whole thing with a cell phone and release it on VHS. You know, I think it does say something for the way that people look at the world now. It feels more like you're there and you saw something that was very TV-style. If there was something when you're performing live on American Band Stand, but being recorded on a cell phone with some girl screaming next to you. You get punched, and it falls out of your hand. That to me is what I want the DVD to feel like."

As 2013 nothing more has been heard about the project, and the footage remains archived.


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