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Active users count 2
Total users count 4,292
Administrator count 2
Article count 4,285
File count 12,003
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MansonWiki is an English encyclopedia covering subjects related to the rock band Marilyn Manson. Since its inception on March 4, 2007, MansonWiki has grown steadily. There are currently 4,292 users registered with the project, which contains 4,285 articles to date.


Litso and Vixen Windstorm era

[[Image:|right|200px]] MansonWiki was an idea founder Litso conceived early in 2006. His plan was to build a self-made content management system from scratch, which would include a wiki-based Marilyn Manson encyclopedia, a tag-based and user-submitted image gallery, forums and an online radio station dedicated to the band's music. The idea however dissipated until March 2007, when Litso noticed a thread on The Heirophant Council requesting a Marilyn Manson wiki. Litso's response to the thread was the creation of MansonWiki.

Shortly after MansonWiki went online, Vixen Windstorm joined and started contributing a great amount of articles. Shortly after, he was appointed as the wiki's second administrator. In November 2007, another esteemed user named JarvisGanon was promoted to MansonWiki's third administrator. Litso and Windstorm worked closely behind the scenes to expand the website, culminating with the introduction of the now-defunct MansonWiki Forums on May 4, 2008.

[god]speed and ‡-me-‡ era

In December 2009, [god]speed and ‡-me-‡ joined the team of administrators. Initially, Litso and Windstorm had planned to leave the wiki altogether, but were persuaded to stay active in the background for a while.

The newly appointed administrators began to diligently promote MansonWiki, as they began to lay the framework for what would become the current design of the website. Their vision was to create an entirely new infrastructure for MansonWiki, fusing together elements of MediaWiki with a more visually appealing website.

In February 2010, MansonWiki launched a senior editor program, wherein exemplary users were given a greater degree of control over the information submitted to the website but were not considered MansonWiki officials. The first senior editors of MansonWiki were Yawaraey, I4ig0, M1shael and Lagozzino. Many other additions were made to the website, including sections dedicated to lyrics, interview archives, tablature and photo galleries.

On May 13, 2010, the second incarnation of MansonWiki went live after a successful viral campaign which consisted of teaser trailers and mysterious codes and number sequences, partially inspired by the band's use of Celebritarian codes. Fans also received personal invitations through email and social networking to pay a visit to the new website. Furthermore, MansonWiki even relaunched with its first exclusive interview, where it spoke with professional photographer Anthony Silva, a friend of Manson whose related contributions are featured in the Eat Me, Drink Me liner booklet and the incomplete film Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll. Since its redesign, other contemporary additions were pushed forth such as embedded YouTube videos and a Facebook Like button for Facebook. The ability to view MansonWiki in different languages was also considered but eventually scrapped.

On March 19, 2011, ‡-me-‡ and [god]speed resigned from their positions as administrators. A reliable replacement was soon found in Harlequin.

In June 2012, Litso and Windstorm announced their departure from MansonWiki. Both users have since contributed only a short number of edits since stepping down. In their absence, Sumer Schmetterling was appointed senior editor and manager of the website's Tumblr account.

Scarshock era

Another departure came on December 20, 2013, when Harlequin decided to focus on personal projects elsewhere. Full administrative access was given to M1shael, Sumer Schmetterling and Scarshock, the latter being the only user to remain active to this day.


On February 17, 2016, MansonWiki went completely offline due to technical reasons that unfortunately caused some unrecoverable information loss. April 9, 2016, the website returned after nearly two months of downtime and information cherry-picking in the meantime.

In December 2023, the wiki also became unavailable for the planned migration reasons, and eventually on 25th of December the site completed the migration from to the new domain

Staff members

Current members

  • nothing — April 2009–present (wiki)
  • Love and i am — 2024-present (interview archive)

Former members

  • Litso — March 2007–June 2012 (wiki and social media)
  • Vixen Windstorm — April 2007–December 2009, March 2011–May 2011, April 2012–June 2012 (wiki and social media)
  • JarvisGanon — November 2007–May 2010 (wiki)
  • [god]speed — December 2009–March 2011 (wiki and social media)
  • ‡-me-‡ — December 2009–March 2011 (wiki and social media)
  • I4ig0 — February 2010–May 2011 (wiki)
  • M1shael — February 2010–April 2014 (social media and wiki)
  • Lagozzino — February 2010–February 2011 (wiki)
  • Harlequin — March 2011–December 2013
  • Antelope — April 2011–May 2012 (YouTube and Tumblr)
  • Red marquis — May 2011–October 2011 (wiki)
  • Sumer Schmetterling — July 2012–November 2014 (wiki and social media)
  • Holy Wood — July 2012–May 2014 (wiki)
  • Yawaraey — February 2010–July 2017 (wiki)

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