List of significant performances by Marilyn Manson

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This article lists the most notable live performances by Marilyn Manson (& the Spooky Kids, in performances before July 31st, 1992), among which are shows that marked the first performances of new songs, showcases of new albums or other material, and other shows that marked a special event.

Marilyn Manson's independent touring[edit]

Portrait of an American Family[edit]

Smells Like Children tour[edit]

Dead to the World[edit]

Mechanical Animals Tour[edit]

Rock is Dead Tour[edit]

Guns, God and Government Tour[edit]

Grotesk Burlesk Tour[edit]

Against All Gods Tour[edit]

Rape of the World Tour[edit]

The High End of Low Tour[edit]

Hey, Cruel World... (tour)[edit]

The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour[edit]

Heaven Upside Down Tour[edit]

Orphaned performances[edit]