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Juan Alderete de la Peña
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Background information
Birth name John Peter Alderete
Born September 5, 1963 (age 60)
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genre(s) hip hop, progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal, speed metal, progressive metal, experimental rock, hardcore punk, emo hip-hop[1]
Occupation(s) musician, songwriter
Instrument(s) bass guitar
Years active 1985-present
Associated acts Racer X, The Scream, The Mars Volta, Big Sir, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, Vato Negro, Distortion Felix, Zavalaz, Deltron 3030, Halo Orbit, El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Doctor Octagon, Lil Peep, Marilyn Manson, Anderson Paak[1]

Juan Alderete is the live bassist of Marilyn Manson joined the band in 2017 replacing the band's bass guitarist Twiggy.


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On January 13, 2020 Juan got into a serious bicycle accident remaining in coma.[2]

Instagram-icon.png j_alderete: Hi everyone - this is Anne, Juan's wife. While I generally hesitate to share personal details on social media, it felt right to include all of you who've supported Juan over the years as friends, fans, fellow music (and food, cat, bike, Japan) lovers and musicians.

Juan was in a solo (no cars, other people) and very serious bicycle accident on 1/13/20 not far from our home. He - as always - was wearing a helmet and protective clothing but sustained serious head trauma in the form of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); his form of TBI is Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) and as of today, he remains in a coma.
The only prognosis is to wait and see, as the brain is a complicated organ and the outcomes for DAI patients has a range as wide as the sea. While frustrating, it also allows for a world of positive outcomes so we can only hope for the best.

We know you have questions, concerns, thoughts to share, so please feel free to leave them in the comments (not DM please, sorry) here. We're also very eager to hear from neurologists, medical professionals with experience in DAI and TBI, first-person accounts of similar trauma and outcomes - essentially any useful, factual and accurate resources that relate to Juan's injury. If you have any of these, please DM me (Anne) @tunatoast. We will post updates here from time to time. Thank you all and please keep Juan in your thoughts. - xo, Anne

Twitter-icon.png marilynmanson: My friend and band mate, Juan, needs our help.
And our energy.
Please give whenever you can. Thank you.

Fundraiser by Anne Alderete: Juan Alderete Brain Injury


With Racer X

  • Street Lethal (1986)
  • Second Heat (1988)
  • Extreme Volume Live (1988)
  • Extreme Volume II Live (1992)
  • Technical Difficulties (2000)
  • Superheroes (2000)
  • Snowball of Doom (2002)
  • Getting Heavier (2002)
  • Snowball of Doom 2 (2002)

With The Scream

  • Let It Scream (1991)
  • Takin' It to the Next Level (Recorded in 1993, unreleased)

With DC-10

  • Co-Burn (1995)

With Distortion Felix

  • Record (1999)
  • I'm an Athlete (1999)

With Big Sir

  • Big Sir (2000)
  • Now That's What I Call Big Sir (2001)
  • Und Die Scheiße Ändert Sich Immer (2006)
  • Before Gardens After Gardens (2012)
  • Digital Gardens (2014)

With Halo Orbit

  • Halo Orbit (2016/2017)

With The Mars Volta

  • Live (2003)
  • Frances the Mute (2005)
  • Scabdates (2005)
  • Amputechture (2006)
  • The Bedlam in Goliath (2008)
  • Octahedron (2009)
  • Noctourniquet (2012)

With Omar Rodríguez-López

  • Omar Rodriguez (2005)
  • Please Heat This Eventually (2006)
  • Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo (2007)
  • Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Lydia Lunch (2007)
  • The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange (2007)
  • Calibration (2007)
  • Old Money (2008)
  • Cryptomnesia (2009)
  • Los Sueños de un Higado (2009)
  • Xenophanes (2009)
  • Sepulcros de Miel (2010)
  • Cizaña de los Amores (2010)
  • Mantra Hiroshima (2010)
  • Dōitashimashite (2010)
  • Equinox (2013)
  • Unicorn Skeleton Mask (2013)
  • Solid State Mercenaries (2017)

With Free Moral Agents

  • Control This (2010)

With Vato Negro

  • Bumpers (2008)

With Zavalaz

  • All Those Nights We Never Met (unreleased)

With Lil Peep

  • Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 (2017)

Guest appearances

  • MacAlpine – Eyes of the World (1990)
  • Paul Gilbert – King of Clubs (1998)
  • B'z – Action (2007)
  • B'z – Ichibu to Zenbu/Dive (2009)
  • Various artists – New World Man: A Tribute to Rush (2010)


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