Jesus Christ!

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Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ! cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson
Recorded 1990–2001 in various locations
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal
Format Compact disc
Producer Marilyn Manson

Jesus Christ! is a bootleg by Marilyn Manson. Among the tracks on this bootleg primarily are official Marilyn Manson covers released as b-sides, and several live recordings of Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Nobodies" (Acoustic)
  2. "Five to One"
  3. "Working Class Hero"
  4. "Diamonds and Pollen"
  5. "The Not So Beautiful People"
  6. "Golden Years"
  7. "Highway to Hell"
  8. "Suicide Is Painless"
  9. "Sick City"
  10. "Red in My Head" (Live)
  11. "People Who Died" (Live)
  12. "Dune Buggy" (Live)
  13. "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes" (Live)


  • The cover and title were originally part of a magazine.