Janet 974-7153

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"Janet 974-7153"
Janet 974-7153 cover
Song by Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids
Album Lunchbox
Released March 1991
Genre Spoken
Length 1:31
Label Beat Up Your Mom
Producer Daisy Berkowitz

"Janet 974-7153" is the hidden track at the end of Lunchbox.






Hey, this is Janet 974-7153
I figured to call, and tell you a little story that happened to me today
I was cruising down the Fort Lauderdale strip... You know, spring 
break, hell
You know, you get the picture... And I'm cruising down the street 
and I park my car, and I'm playing one of your tapes, and some guy
comes up He's wearing this Bruce Springsteen T-shirt, Budweiser
one hand, Marlboro cigarette in the other
You know, beer and cigarettes... What a man! You get the hint!
He comes up to me, and him... He and I get into this ten minute
debate over whether or not you guys are satanic
I'm looking at this guy like, "Get a life, okay"
No, I'm serious... I will say one thing
I'm glad they have people like Bruce Springsteen for one reason: to
get nine million cows off of your back, so you can get the real
people to come to your shows
Anyway, I t... I told him that you would send him a really nice love
letter, but I forgot/all I gotta do is ask his address his address
But he declined... What a life, huh?
Well, all I know is I'm bored, and if I have to watch Marcia Brady
scream "Oh, my nose!" one more time today, I think I'm going to
get a knife and go kill that Bruce Springsteen guy
Well, it's been real, and I'm babbling. And, no, I have no idea what
the fucking movie that is, so I guess I don't get my tape, huh?
Well, have a nice day. I know... Have a nice day: Bang!
Too much of that Brady Bunch shit. Talk to you later...